By queenariii - United States - Atlanta
Today, I'm stuck in a ramshackle house that my aunt bought and moved everyone out to. Only one bathroom works, and she won't let us flush it because the house keeps flooding. Four people are stuck here with just one toilet filled with poop and urine, while she's been staying at a friend's house. FML
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By  SquilliamFancy  |  15

Hey, you're still better off than Squidward after a vacuum destroyed his house. His toilet was hoisted six feet in the air, unusable by anyone!

Seriously though. This is disgusting. And if your aunt isn't even home, why are you abiding by her rules? One flush won't flood the entire house. I can't even imagine the smell. Do the four of you a favor and flush the damned toilet.

  MrGibbs25  |  20

normally, most people would be right to flush it. however, the publisher of this FML does not specify if the house floods with clean water or sewer water. because we don't know, flushing that toilet could be very bad .

  ericanicole1  |  12

It's squilliam, he's fancy. Squilliam does not care about his aunts toilet because that is not a fancy house, therefore flooding the non fancy house is acceptable

By  ragnarok1540  |  39

OP, you've forgotten one important detail. When you flush, does the house flood with clean water or waste from the plumbing/septic tank?

If it is the former case, then there is no reason not to flush. It's your aunt's house and she will have to deal with the damages, as it is her fault for leaving you all in such a situation.

If it is the latter, perhaps it's time to start shitting in a bag and sending it to your aunt at her friends house ...

By  neuronerd  |  28

Perhaps she's doing the best she can. She bought a house and has given all of you a roof over your heads. Maybe you can look up and see if the problems with the bathroom are things you can fix yourselves. I'm guessing she wouldn't buy a terrible house and make you live there just to be mean. Also, maybe she's staying at a friend's to allow you to have more room, and her friend can have only one visitor.

  holly_fly  |  34

But why not allow them to go somewhere else, instead of disappearing to a better situation herself. That's what the FML is, at least that's how I took it.

  neuronerd  |  28

OP never said anything about not being allowed to go somewhere else. If they have the money to do it themselves, I doubt the aunt would have a problem. However, neither of us can really speculate on the situation given lacking information.

By  nanner6206  |  24

My ex's grandmother did that...sorta. The tub faucet leaked so she kept a bucket there to collect the dripping water. She then poured the bucket water into the toilet to make it drain or like auto flush, or whatever, if someone pooped. Pee just stayed.