By yek - 24/12/2015 19:01 - Israel - Tel Aviv

Today, I'm spending Christmas Eve at the hospital. Why? Because when I blew my nose, a ball of flesh connected to a tendril of skin shot out, and it wouldn't go back up. FML
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Wow! I am though blowing your brains out your nose with just a myth.

HarleyBlues 24

How hard were you blowing?


I would have passed out at the sight. Wish you a fast recovery!

I would just stare at it. for at least a minute

such eeeew

Sounds like someone is an aggressive nose picker with long nails Seriously, how on earth did a chunk of flesh get carved out?

why would blowing your nose have anything to do with picking your nose with long nails...? :'D

Sarcasm's so hard to a running nose!

MonstreBelle 28

23- Nonsense. Running or not, to catch a nose one must simply hold a nose between their index and middle finger and pull. Old people used to get my nose like that all the time when I was a kid

maybe it was a polyp?

Long nails on a frequent nose picker could cause injuries to the nasal tissue, even more so than a person with average sized nails.

#28 it's easy for them to catch it because they could pin it between you and them, but if you try to catch it it's just a noise lengths ahead.

That blows. Have a bloody good Christmas, OP.

Blowing my nose, will never be the same again!!!

HarleyBlues 24

How hard were you blowing?

I'm wondering why OP tried pushing it back in! I'd be loosing my shit and my first thought wouldn't be let me shove this back up there!

Mother always said my brains would shoot out if I blew too hard...

Wow! I am though blowing your brains out your nose with just a myth.

Oh God that sounds painful. D: Hope you recover swiftly!

I read this while I have a cold. Thanks for the nightmares...

Same here. My thoughts go out to anyone who spent Christmas day with a streaming nose.

Well, at least you have a Christmas that you'll never forget, and an ER story no one will ever be able to beat. (And a published FML...) Anyways, merry Christmas, OP!

I would have passed out on the spot! Hopefully you're ok and have a merry christmas!