By psychopumpkin / Monday 13 May 2013 14:16 / United Kingdom - Boston
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By  gracehi  |  31

That's even worse than that time I filled my cats'litter box with dirty because I was so broke. Don't worry though, OP. One way or another, things will get better.

  rg350dx  |  29

And dirt isn't going to kill the cat if it pisses or shits in it. How do you think a cat would goto the bathroom in the wild? Dirt is a perfectly acceptable substitute for litter. It just won't absorb any smells.

  picturescrazy  |  24

My cat prefers pooing outside in the dirt even though she has access to a litter box filled with cat litter. Using dirt instead of deodorized clay does not make her an irresponsible pet owner.

  gracehi  |  31

"cats'" because I own more than one and the litter boxes are theirs. Although I did make a few other typos. Times were hard, and I didn't foresee my financially difficulties when I got the pets. I had an unemployed husband who spent all my money on alcohol and drugs. I did the best I could with what little I was left, but feeding myself took priority over using cat litter. My cats never went hungry either, although I didn't take them to the vet as often as I should have. At one point I did try to find new homes for them, but it's nearly impossible to give cats away where I live due to an overpopulation of stray cats and the shelters always being full. I didn't want to abandon them or give them to a "kill" shelter, so I kept them all and just worked with what I could get. He's my ex husband now, and so now I'm never short on anything I or my cats need, including vet visits and litter.

By  \  |  28

Couldn't you have asked for it?? Are you trying to live on edge or something? Because if so, you're doing it wrong... Terribly wrong...

  ileenefudge  |  29

If your talking financial wise, most parents I know don't particularly like to help their kids past 18 or even 16 sometimes. If your talking about the toilet paper itself, then the answer could go both ways, and OPs mom could say yes but wonder why or say no and tell OP to get a better job and work for everything. I unfortunately know of many parents who think that after 18 they really don't have to help their kids in any way because they are known as an adult in the eyes of the law/state and feel their kids can do everything on their own. It's sad but it's true It does happen.

  ileenefudge  |  29

I also realize it never states OPs age but I assumed by the way it's worded that OP doesn't live with her mom and is on their own already so I assumed they Are an adult but I could be wrong


To follow up, if you're too broke to afford toilet paper, don't worry the leaves are beginning to grow back on the tree, maybe take your pick on which to use as a replacement?

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