By YoungSmileBones - / Monday 15 August 2016 18:29 / United States - Lake Havasu City
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By  jentrynicole  |  20

Please go see a professional. They are a professional for a reason and while it may be expensive now it will save you a lot of expenses later if you do it yourself or delay your treatment.

  tantanpanda  |  26

I hope you understand that wisdom teeth are not normal ones that you can just "rip out". They are actually connected to your jaw. if you want to risk breaking more than just the tooth, be my guest. The dental office should have some sort of payment plan for things like these anyway.


Maybe connected to your jaw early on but once they drop- like these probably definitely have if they're reachable AND broken- they're not connected anymore. they're literally just like normal teeth if they come in the right way, and even when they don't, they're just like normal teeth with the exception not knowing what the fuck their doing.

I do NOT recommend pulling yourself tho. unless you've had and seen xrays, the roots could be hooked and all sorts of other complications. ( And they may not be uncovered completely, if any are left under the gums, that shit could( read: probably will ) rot. like people here already said, the complications this could cause would definitely cost more than seeing a professional as soon as you have the funds. )

you can get some numbing medicine at the store- it definitely won't cover all of it but rub it all over the surrounding area anytime you feel pain, see if you can get through on that. I had to when one of my teeth was in a similar state.

  julianna5782  |  12

exactly. those aren't just regular teeth, and infection/dry socket can happen even WITH a dentist. most offices and clinics do free or sliding scale work on specified days, certain times, etc. call your primary or go to the er for help.

By  jentrynicole  |  20

Please go see a professional. They are a professional for a reason and while it may be expensive now it will save you a lot of expenses later if you do it yourself or delay your treatment.

  Kougeru  |  12

The problem in the United States is that a lot of people literally cannot afford to do this. Despite what TV may make people think, most people don't even go to the dentists. Lots of employer health care plans don't include dental so it has to come completely out of pocket. Removing all 4 wisdom teeth can cost $1000, without any follow up appointment factored in, and if there's no complications.

By  sturschaedel  |  27

They have massive roots that are sitting firmly in your jaw. You'd end up damaging your jaw and your other teeth, costing you a lot more money than the extraction by your dentist.

By  Tripartita  |  44

"Young smile bones" sounds like something a sadist in a horror movie would breathily mumble to somebody held captive.

"You got them young smile bones still… but when I'm done with you, they'll be nice and ripe…"

By  Nova900  |  17

I hope you can solve your problem without relying on such a methode. It can be horrible to live in a third-world country, but you will make it, I'm sure. :)

By  TabooSushi  |  24

Look up low-cost dental aid programs, seriously. Please. They're out there, one of them will help you. My husband and I had to do it when his wisdom teeth went savage on him, and it took a few tries but we found one that would help us.

By  mezochan  |  29

Just eat the cost and go see a professional. If you get an infection from trying to do it yourself (which will likely happen) you could die. Can't save money when you're dead.

  sw2f2fchik612  |  12

If you're truly broke, its not a matter of eating the cost...you don't even have the cost to eat. I feel OP, I don't have the money for any medical care either even though I really need it.

  mezochan  |  29

Uh, yeah, I'm broke too. I only work part time and I have a newborn. I can't afford my hospital stay from when I gave birth and I don't get assistance.

I'd rather go into more debt to not get an infection that could go to my brain than suffer and possibly die.

  sw2f2fchik612  |  12

I wasn't saying she should do it herself...just saying it isn't as easy as simply "eating the cost" . And to my knowledge (although I could be wrong, I frequently am) a lot of dental offices require some payment up front, at least a deposit before they will even do anything so people can't just let it go to collections. She supposed to magically pull money out of her ass?

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