By coyote - 02/09/2010 07:25 - Japan

Today, I'm recovering from abdominal surgery. In addition to pain, I'm having trouble peeing and haven't pooped since Sunday, so my surgeon prescribed a laxative. Turns out I'm allergic to it. Now I'm covered in hives, even in my ears, incisions, and lady parts. I also still haven't pooped. FML
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aw that sucks

That's gotta be painful. FYL, OP, quite unfortunate series of events.


aw that sucks

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I'm sorry op fyl

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oh poop.

that's the worst. sorry op

I see what you did thar.

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im srry! but on the bright side ... the surgery went well!!!

Drink some Yakult.

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6- no offence but your profile looks a bit like you're doing a poop.. :S just thought it was funny

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Sounds like you have a crappy life

ughh hives are sooo uncomfortable, I've felt your pain. that's how I learned I am allergic to penicillin when I was elementary school age :D

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oh sure, 18, no offense taken

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18 is probably 10 years old and laughes whenever his friends make poop jokes on the playground. or Dan Nickerson.

Fuck this! We don't need this many details...

BOOM Headshot!!!

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Quit already! Nobody wants to know about you BM FAIL!

I thought that girls don't poop. something smells fishy ...

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Yeah reading that just made me feel a shit load better about my day which until 2 mins ago I thought was bad. Thanks OP...and yes FYL

Yea I one wants to hear this. And iTaylor is hot, don't make fun of her haha.

terrible, fyl fo sho.

@18 first of all.. it doesnt look like she is pooping.. and i really hope thats not how you poop! if it is so, then you seriously need some potty training!!

pics of your lady parts or it didn't happen

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eat mexican food

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64 is a WIN:)

try taking the buttplug out xD

No "shit" you didn't poop. Women don't poop.

Hopefully it won't turn out like that anal part in Zack and Miri. *shudder*

wow, fyl for sure!

74- I wish I had a joint like that!!


I see what u did there 9. YDI for not eating your fucking veggies.

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lolololololol rofl hehehehorse

I once had the same, but if you can still write a FML you're not even halfway of the pain. oh and eat kiwi's

That's gotta be painful. FYL, OP, quite unfortunate series of events.

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OP-that doesn't happen to pretty girl only to fugly girls

lol love the picture -2

cool story bro but still that sucks

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How awful! :(

my perscription anal sex

poor girl without right to poop

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what a mess it's goin to be when u regulate

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Wow. That really is Terrible! I'm so sorry girl-- Sleep it off, it's pretty much all you can do.. :(

Lol @ 10 Op try eating at McDonalds it's better than any laxative out there lol

Don't you mean Taco Bell?

Yeah Taco Bell would be better lol You think they have them in Japan?

Since it's in Japan... old sushi might be a better option.

lots of wasabi. Plus Nato. Which is fermented beans, for those who don't know.

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eat mos burger people in japan won't know what u mean by taco bell. Tako? ok! you'll end up not getting taco bell

cadillacgal79 32

actually 50 I've never gotten gassy from eating Taco Bell, I guess some people handle their food differently.

FYL.. Try some Epsom salts dissolved in warm water. Salty..but effective.