By Anonymous - 06/10/2010 08:40 - Vietnam

Today, I'm on holiday in Vietnam, and was wearing a new shirt. In a restaurant, the waitress pointed at my shirt and said something I couldn't understand, so I just smiled and nodded my head. She then gave me a weird look and walked away. Turns out there was a huge spider on it. FML
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Have fun in Vietnam.

mona_is_here 10

Vacation = American English Holiday = British English


BadPinkKitty07 0

ooooh, sexy

Wats sexy about this? lol

I will totally freak out and cry..

hairt 4


ydi for going on holiday in vietnam

DXB3 0

I'm Viet hah. first

Almost buddy, almost. Oh, nd you fail.

knibbsy 4

Viet what? Vietsecond? Vietnotfirst?

hey, it's size 10 kick ass man! sup bruh bruh!

The shirt was BOGO, buy a shirt get a spider for free LOL

Have fun in Vietnam.

RachelHellYeah 0

ewwwww! spiders... I probably sound like a complete idiot right now, but isn't it called vacation? Not holiday...???

mona_is_here 10

Vacation = American English Holiday = British English

How did you not know that?

RachelHellYeah 0

I'm from the United States...we don't call it holiday here!

SweptAway 0

I'm from the united states and I know that

the rest of the English speaking world ( like Australia & I think Canada ) speaks British English

Um how bout learning the languge before you vacation there.

Canada and USA are the only ones who speak don't speak British English. I'm from canada and i should know.

honeybee366 0

leave her alone!!! maybe she doesn't travel or talk to anyone from a different country. it's perfectly acceptable not to know something like that. ......just for the record....I knew....and I'm from the U.S.

livvylongtime 3

holiday is what like Canadians and people from the UK call vacation

ruby84 1

aaand so??!

randomchickkk 0

yeah this isn't really an FML.


spiders are veitnamese delicacys.

they r not lol. only some ppl eat them but not often at all.

Haha yum. Spider Legs with a side of stuffed caterpillar. Mmmmmmmm...

i thought it was dogs

Angejolie 0

no, they're not.


you guys are idiots it was a joke

iCommentFML 0

b**** smd im viet and not all of us eat dogs u fag

Yuck, spiders.

mona_is_here 10

Dayum!! I would freak out and run in circles like crazy and scream and ask for help :D Jk. But I would freak out, spiders are hideous. FYL

Were there people eating with you? If so, wouldn't they have seen it?