By Anonymous - 06/10/2010 08:40 - Vietnam

Today, I'm on holiday in Vietnam, and was wearing a new shirt. In a restaurant, the waitress pointed at my shirt and said something I couldn't understand, so I just smiled and nodded my head. She then gave me a weird look and walked away. Turns out there was a huge spider on it. FML
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Have fun in Vietnam.

Vacation = American English Holiday = British English


Wats sexy about this? lol

I will totally freak out and cry..

ydi for going on holiday in vietnam

I'm Viet hah. first

Almost buddy, almost. Oh, nd you fail.

Viet what? Vietsecond? Vietnotfirst?

hey, it's size 10 kick ass man! sup bruh bruh!

The shirt was BOGO, buy a shirt get a spider for free LOL

Have fun in Vietnam.

ewwwww! spiders... I probably sound like a complete idiot right now, but isn't it called vacation? Not holiday...???

Vacation = American English Holiday = British English

How did you not know that?

I'm from the United States...we don't call it holiday here!

I'm from the united states and I know that

the rest of the English speaking world ( like Australia & I think Canada ) speaks British English

Um how bout learning the languge before you vacation there.

Canada and USA are the only ones who speak don't speak British English. I'm from canada and i should know.

leave her alone!!! maybe she doesn't travel or talk to anyone from a different country. it's perfectly acceptable not to know something like that. ......just for the record....I knew....and I'm from the U.S.

holiday is what like Canadians and people from the UK call vacation

aaand so??!

yeah this isn't really an FML.

spiders are veitnamese delicacys.

they r not lol. only some ppl eat them but not often at all.

Haha yum. Spider Legs with a side of stuffed caterpillar. Mmmmmmmm...

i thought it was dogs

no, they're not.

you guys are idiots it was a joke

b**** smd im viet and not all of us eat dogs u fag

Yuck, spiders.

Dayum!! I would freak out and run in circles like crazy and scream and ask for help :D Jk. But I would freak out, spiders are hideous. FYL

Were there people eating with you? If so, wouldn't they have seen it?