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Today, I'm on a medication that really dehydrates my skin. I thought split lips were the worst side effects. Other split orifices make a trip to the toilet a literal pain in the arse. No sign of stopping in the near future. FML
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I'm sorry. I meant to capitalize on that but my iPod died right as I was about to edit. Although it sounds extremely painful (which I'm sorry about by the way) something about it made me chuckle on the inside. I'm sorry if I offend anybody, and OP look into Vaseline. I hear it works wonders.


First of all, I don't see why it matters to you. But if you must know, I was at first trying to see what would happen had I left it as simply lol, (comments and negative votes) and decided to change it a little too late.

  lajaynay  |  15

Aquaphor! If you have it.. Its like a healing ointment similar to Vaseline, I use it on my tattoos and it works perfectly! Sorry about the splitting pains though. :/

  mnmolino  |  14

Neosporn, its petroleum jelly and has a mild steroid to help speed up the healing process... Also, for your lip try the menthol lip glosses at bath and body works, when I was on a super drying drug, it was the only thing that worked for me :)

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

I find vaseline is too sticky for me, and only temporarily moisturizes. I recommend some good old sunflower, safflower, or olive oil. I use safflower oil as a moisturizer, and honestly it works better than any commercial, chemical filled moisturizer. It's a bit more work to spread and work in if you're not you're slightly damp, but your skin will thank you. Also, if you start taking flaxseed oil or fish oil, it'll help your skin nourish and moisturize itself from the inside.

  ifuckmonsters  |  5

God, no.
That terrible comment shows that there's no possible way you're a Gryffindor.
You must be one of those delusional 1st years on their way to the Sorting Hat.

  Lanceeden  |  12

Somebody starts reading a Harry potter book every 9 seconds. So it's not that odd.

And Ron is in gryffindor and he's a bumbling idiot. So I can be.