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Today, I'm officially a week overdue. I went to the hospital, thinking I was in labor since I was in so much pain. Turns out it was just gas. The nurse couldn't hold back her look of pity as she told me this. FML
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A week overdue? Why haven't they induced you yet? I think you might need a new doctor.....

Well they told my sister she had gas and she was actually in labor. They wouldn't believe she was actually in labor until she said she had to push.


A week overdue? Why haven't they induced you yet? I think you might need a new doctor.....

You don't just induce labor for being a week overdue. We don't induce until 41-42 weeks which is more than one week overdue, unless there are complicating factor like pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes. Just for education, when you are a week overdo, we keep watching but increase the frequency of office visits to monitor fetal factors. Don't be so quick to judge doctors.

From what I've read, inducing labour isn't the best thing to do for both mother and baby, not until about 2 weeks past the due date. Inducing has health risks, such as lowering baby's heart rate and oxygen levels, increasing risk of infection, umbilical cord complications, uterine rupture, and higher chance of bleeding after delivery. Unless there's clear problems concerning mother and/or baby's health if labour doesn't start soon, it's best to wait until it occurs naturally.

Not all people want to be induced (no matter how desperate we are). Doctor and I agreed to not induce until medically necessary! Didn't have to do it at all, in the end. :)

I always figured they made you wait because the gestational period for humans is 10 months but most people go at 9 so we all just say it's 9 months.

some states will make you wait up to 1 1/2- 2 weeks before they induce you


Unless there is an actual medical reason to induce, then there is no reason to actually do so. Your body knows when it's done baking and you should let it run its course, you could've counted wrong on when you were pregnant, or your baby hasn't reached its prime level to be born, stop trying to interfere because you are tired of it being inside of you, or you think at exactly 9 months a baby needs to pop out.

this trend of inducing is insanity. the body knows what it needs to do and will take as long as needed. some pregnancies have taken as long as a 12months to complete. my wife's last birth went 4 weeks over. don't follow the indoctrination that so called medical professionals want u to, especially when they get paid more for a c-section then a normal birth.

Here doctors start applying pressure to induce at 10 days overdue, but you can always refuse, at your own risk, unless medically necessary. You might need to go into the doctor's office daily at some point, but they can't force you. Plus: my midwife told me: everything within two weeks around the calculated due date (in BOTH directions is medically considered as "on time birth".

26: tell that to every woman who has gone over and their baby was stillborn. I even know of someone who, by the counsel of women online, went against her doctor and had a stillbirth at 44 weeks. Who knows how long he had been dead. So don't just assume your body knows. Same with early labor too.

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A week past due? Has there been any talk about inducing labor? I hope all goes well and very soon, you're holding your little healthy, beautiful bundle of joy.

wrong spot, ignore this comment.

Well that's certainly disappointing. I hope everything goes well, OP! Please give us an update when the baby is born!

I'm the OP (different name, yeah, but I changed it when i submitted for giggles). Baby was born 12 hours after this visit to the hospital! Turned out I was in labor even though nothing was happening the first time I went in and the contractions weren't registering, hence why they told me it was just gas. They told me to go home and rest, walk, and exercise to "get things moving". My pain got worse and I went back later that night. Had him a few hours later. So, all-in-all, this FML had a happy ending!

Congratulations on your new baby! So glad to hear everything went well!

Glad to hear it

Well they told my sister she had gas and she was actually in labor. They wouldn't believe she was actually in labor until she said she had to push.

That's kind of what happened to me. I was having contractions but they never registered or got close together. Wasn't progressing so I got sent home. I had the baby twelve hours later.

I didn't get induced until I was a week overdue with my second. 9 days overdue to be exact. Turns out the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck

#6 -Was everything okay in the end? :I

Yes! Thank you for asking. They were able to slip it over his neck and luckily he was just fine

That's so scary! Glad everything turned out fine!

Yeah I was 2 weeks late and had the cord wrapped around my neck as well. My dad always playfully tells me that I did not want to come out lol.

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A week? Hopefully they help you along soon and you get to meet your new little one :)

I swear I've read this before on here.

To those asking about induction, quite a few hospitals will let you go naturally up to two weeks past the set due date. So 42weeks gestation, before setting up an induction date. Generally because the original ultrasound isnt 100% full proof on babies age, but also due to inductions raising the rate of c section.

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You poor thing. You must be so uncomfortable and just ready to meet your baby. Hope he or she decides to come soon!

Well from this you can already assume a lot of things about your baby! getting him/her out of bed in the morning will be a mission :-) Anyway congratulations!