By blahblah - Canada
Today, I'm in a relationship with a guy who yells at me everyday for things I didn't do, is in a dead-end job and is not attractive whatsoever, but I can't bring myself to break up with him because he would get to keep the dog. FML
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  kofinater  |  3

@59 I'm tierd of "win" comments, just vote them up and move on, thats what the thumbs are for

  dragonaair  |  5

Okay, you can't just GET another dog. Every dog is different and has a unique personality. Dogs become your bestfriend and someone you love. People get attatched to dogs like they get attatched to people.


46- I agree 100%. I grew up with dogs, and of course they die, and it honestly very depressing. I imagine it would be the same feeling if your dog was taken from you. I guess no one else has bonded with their pets.

  knight0748  |  5

2, you're a hot nerd.
Dogs are really dumb actually, I have a one, they just want to mooch off of you. but owners projects their emotions and personalities onto them, so to leave them would be leave part of yourself.

  Buchitoo  |  4

ugh my comment disappeared. But here goes again. I completely agree with you 46. It is not easy to just get a dog because you get attached to it. But I prefer to leave him and the dog behind and live happy even WITHOUT my dog than to live a miserable live with it....

and Thanks 115. :-)


Exactly. Why did you start dating him in the first place if he isn't attractive whatsoever?
Just tell him that you're pregnant and he won't have to contribute if you get to keep the dog.


I love animals, I had a dog myself... But damn, a dog is NOT a child. I promise you it's not worth it to stay in a bad relationship because you love the dog.

When will you learn? When he starts beating you because the dog shit on the floor? But hey, you'll at least have the dog. Make fucking sense.

  nature_girl_08  |  14

i'd have to agree. also, i mean, really... if it is your dog, then just take it with you. if he keeps it, it's technically theft. if it's his dog, then just deal with it and leave. actually, you should take the dog anyway. i did a presentation on animal cruelty recently, and a lot of studies show that those who show a tendency to be abusive towards people are also more likely to be abusive towards animals. not to make you not want to go, but leaving might make him turn his anger toward the dog. so just take it and leave. he's not worth it, and you need to find your backbone.