By ithinkicanmakeit - 20/08/2014 17:01 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I'm getting married. I have a big poofy white dress and, oh yes, the shits. Here's hoping I can make it down the aisle without rushing off to the toilet. FML
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Well, shit happens.

Hopefully your dress has enough "poof" to hide some Depends! Good luck.


Well, shit happens.

ChristianH39 30

Hopefully not this time...

This reminded me of Bridesmaids

let's hope shit doesn't happen on especially a wedding day

chlorinegreen 27

Maybe it's just nerves and will pass? Usually when I'm nervous my stomach drops to my butt.

beautybabexo 7

Oh no! Good luck with making it down the aisle.

Try Pepto Bismol! That always works for me and it works pretty quickly. Congrats though!

One word answer: imodium Enjoy your big day!

Maybe a diaper if all else fails. At least it won't show under a big dead and your dress remains clean. Congrats on the marriage btw!

let's hope your husband takes you in shitness as in health.

TheDevilWearsJoe 8

Let's hope OP's husband is rational and understands that everyone shits...?

RedPillSucks 31

He's not taking her on the shithole side during the honeymoon

Well that's a *gets shot*..………i.....tried...*dies*

I don't have to understand this right?

its easy to understand.. he/she is about to make a shit joke but gets shot by all those negativ people on here :) thumbs up

I thought it was a brilliant take on a shiity joke. Pun half intended.

RedPillSucks 31

Tried too hard. Died even harder.

Hopefully your dress has enough "poof" to hide some Depends! Good luck.

It all "depends" on the style of dress.

But it won't hide the smell

blame it on the dog.

Yes, because every wedding has a dog.

May your bowels have mercy on you

I think we finally found the perfect use for those elephant boxers.

That's going to be an awkward honeymood.....

Well you're getting married, that's when shit gets real......

time to try adult diapers???

The smell though... Those should come with complimentary air fresheners.

Just blame it on an old relative. Or see if one of the bridesmaids will step up and take the heat.