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Today, I'm at work as a security guard. At a morgue. Why am I here? FML
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because you applied for it ?

someone needs to protect the zombies right? your doing your country a service


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Well better than being unemployed.

although that's true, he chose that job for a reason. it's better to just get through it than bitch about why he's even working there.

Because the recession is a bitch...

roman what're you twelve? I doubt you've worked a day in your life or even tried to get a job.

You'd take anything in this climate, the UK and some areas within it are horrid for jobs, if you're a college or graduate student you need at least 3-6 month experience to even apply and get an interview and even then you're competing with about 50 odd people for the job. Most companies are even allowing people to work for them for free, it's silly. I went for a job interview as a I.T technician and web designer and both of the interviewing party questioned my ability to do the work I needed to do, I didn't even know they were going to interview me for the web developer position so I couldn't bring my portfolio and the guy was 15 minutes late. They're just there playing high and mighty wankers. :)

I need a job ;_;

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I don't know maybe you're there to do your job, OP. if you don't like it then quit, duh.

That's the best job EVER. Now you can get paid for just sitting there and you don't actually have to do anything.

Zombies...that is all

Have you ever seen bad boys 2? That morgue had security guards, mainly due to them smuggling drugs and money in the bodies... Next time your bored check them and get back to us..

Have you ever seen bad boys 2? That morgue had security guards, mainly due to them smuggling drugs and money in the bodies... Next time your bored check them and get back to us..

Dooouuuubbbllleeeee pooooossstttttt

haven't you seen men in black????

THIS You have what could become the most important job in all of Human history - if one of the corpses is a zombie, it's your job to stop it before it can infect anyone else. You must stop the zombie apocalypse before it even starts.

omg 67 u didn't write enough hehe

what does it mean?? lol love that video

because you applied for it ?

Haven't you seen NCIS? psychos try to get in and sniff the cocaine from the intestines of TR corpses.

Hahahaha, I love NCIS. The USA marathons tend to destroy any going-out plans I ever have.

OP has obviously never seen Bad Boys 2!!

for pervs that rape dead bodies

came here to say that. thanks for taking care of my light work ;)

you're there to protect the dead from psychos that will try to break in and steal body parts for money or other unknown reasons..idiot.

Reasons people would steal/vandalize bodies: * Cover up a murder * Cover up a manslaughter * Necrophilia * Steal a body for a science cadaver

some people have sex with it

Also, they can steal stuff off of dead bodies. Watches, glasses, shoes and so on.

that wild be necrophillia in some cases..

Necrophilia means a person having sex with a corpse.

someone needs to protect the zombies right? your doing your country a service

yep no nothin worse than a naggin grannie from the dead

in case someone tries to steal a body? or something. I'm guessing that no matter where you are, your job ends up being mostly standing around bored anyway...

Because when you're not there, people have sex with the corpses. I kid you not, that sort of thing happens in morgues and funeral houses everywhere, ALL THE TIME. It's frightening. Usually it's the employees, actually.

dun dun dun! security guard is a convenient cover for necrophilia!

^^^ I meant to give you a thumbs up =(

Sounds like you're talking from experience.

take a good care of the dead owkie?guard them well..they might run off..lmao.. shouldn't have taken the job if you're just gonna whine about it:P

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lol. you called him a dropout, but you lack correct sentence structures. xD

Ever heard of a capital?...Don't give anyone else advice if you don't even know what your talking about.

Same to you bud..... you're*** not your

Awesome!! Put him in his place!

19, it would have been capitalized had i not been on from my phone.

iPhone are capable of capitalizing.

Yea because it's not like anybody had to take a job they aren't overqualified for in this economy. What do you do for a living sir?

Ironic replies are ironic...

says the minority rofl

iPhones do automatically capitalize on MOST programs, but not so much here on FML. Example, hitting space twice normally puts in a period and capitalizes the next letter. but. not. here. it only adds a period but doesn't capitalize.

You could always just hit the shift key though...

Yeah okay, I'll admit I spelled "you're" wrong, but really?! This guy is telling another guy he has improper sentence structure when his is merely better.

I'm assuming you're a drop out as well, due to your lack of sentence structure.

Sounds like easy money!

yeah !! STFU and be glad you HAVE a job !!!