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  PresAgent  |  23

As a former drug addict myself, I find it highly amusing when users insult other users. There is no difference, all drugs are mind-altering substances, and all are (mostly) illegal. If you think your drug is fine but others are not, you are a fool.

  Delina_Rose  |  13

Heck yeah as long as it's used responsibly. Also for all of you marijuana bashers. It's safer than alcohol you want to ban marijuana because it alters the mind? Also get rid of nicotine, caffine, and as I mentioned alcohol. If your not willing to do that then shut up your a hypocrite.

  rnarshmallow  |  21

#24 I guess I'm a fool then. I've never seen or met anyone who's person or surrounding persons has been harmed by marijuana use. I say, if you live in Washington (like me) smoke to your hearts content!

  tantanpanda  |  26

Caffeine? yea, may be addictive, but it doesn't have lifelong side effects like, say, tobacco does. Not saying I'm the norm, but I can stop caffeine consumption at any time (out of school, so I don't drink coffee). I'm sure I wouldn't be able to stop after smoking marijuana or heroin. Just because something's addictive doesn't make it bad for you. Sugar is super addictive; try cutting sugar out 100% for two days and tell me how that goes.
Before bashing on caffeine, list 3 good reasons why it's bad for you.

By  Cads1  |  24

You are in the U.S. Invite them in for a drink, shoot them and claim self Defence. Wait, that is not a good idea, try having them over for a meal and beer.