By _aPerson_ / Friday 22 April 2016 15:58 / Canada - Airdrie
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  extrasnipes  |  22

Well sometimes (guy pants) they get covered by the fabric of the pants so you don't feel it.

Since that was badly explained let me try again.

Guys pants are baggy. The bagginess cause the fabric to fold on top of each other and doing so covering small objects like said key.

  gracehi  |  31

#13, I've experienced that when wearing my Navy camouflage uniform. I always make sure to check my pockets thoroughly and make sure the fabric isn't all twisted up around the thing I'm looking for, before I assume I've lost something. It would be extremely inconvenient and embarrassing to report that I've lost a tool or helicopter part when I had it in my pocket the whole time. You'd think OP would likewise check his pockets more thoroughly before wasting a lot of time, energy, and money destroying a brand new bike lock.

  pohoon  |  10

Have you never had that situation where you're looking for the TV remote and it was in your hand the whole time? or when you lose your glasses and find them for propped on the top of your head?

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