By beezybees - / Saturday 20 February 2010 01:54 / United States
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  thatssomeBS  |  9

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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Why would the necklace have been in the trash? It would never have occurred to me to look there.

The sister might be jealous or OP could've been overly full of herself prompting the sister to want to take her down a peg. Whatever the motive, it was damn funny. Of course you know this means war.

  reyemrein  |  0

i'm surprised when I moderated this I expected to see a ton of "kill your sister she's a bitch" comments.... now what the OP could do is plant drugs on her. or give her a high five.

  Thunderbender  |  2

Now any human being with a chromosome count in the ball park of 23 would have been able to figure out that that was a site glitch and she wasnt actually posting multiple times. But I guess bridget is just EXTRA special.

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