By Beepbeepbeep - United States
Today, I lost power. That didn't stop my house alarm from running on battery, loudly informing me in a British accent, "AC power disconnected. BEEP. AC power disconnected. BEEP." It's been going on for 5 hours and the battery takes a special screwdriver to remove. One we don't have. FML
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'Course they're being serious - there's a scouse accent, a southern accent, a geordie accent, a cockney accent, a scottish accent, etc, etc, etc. "British accent" makes no sense at all.

  leadman1989  |  15

No you're in fact not awesome you're making us look bad. I speak "American" and I have no trouble telling them apart. That's like saying someone with a heavy southern accent and someone with a heavy jersey accent sound the same. THEY DON'T!

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

127 and 129 are indeed correct. Going by the same concept that there is not a "British accent" and only sub-accents, we can also say there is no "American accent" and we would just say instead that I have a Minnesotan accent.

All in all, other than wanting to take the time to write these paragraphs pointing out the mistakes in your theory, I honestly don't give a shit about the matter.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Also will allow you to get robbed because you have such a powerful subwoofer and/or pair of headphones you can't hear the tv getting dragged down the stairs.
Just saying.

  julz1115  |  0

My thoughts exactly! Or...since your phone is obviously working call the security system company..? They probably have some kind of manual over ride.

  DigitalFusion  |  4

Yes, because it is impossible to open a garage door without power. Moron.
There is absolutely no way to disengage the clutch and manually open it.... Oh wait, you could do exactly that.

  Sulphuric_Glue  |  16

#101 There are still many English accents. It pisses me off so much when ignorant Americans just say "British" accent. It especially pisses me off when people refer to the whole UK as "England".

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Everytime I see one of your comments I feel compelled to look at your picture!! It's insane!!!! (in a good way!) I just felt the world would colapse in a heap of flaming rubble if I didn't say that ^_^