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By  aatomkins  |  0

in the last 18 months I've lost 3 phones
1. In the toilet
2. Screen failed
3. Bounced on my bed and just smashed, its a freekin bed for god sake!

All of these have been the only Sony Erricsons I've ever owned.

  ZleveL  |  0

1.) dust inside/ horrible call quality

2.) a.) screen broke/ played all audio through headphone Jack even if they weren't in

2.) b.) fell down the stairs twice/ fell at poolside and broke in half, splash fom pool went on it, outdoor pool so when it rained it got in side since it was in half. All in the same day

3.) yet to fail

  chickinova  |  13

ok this has happened to my one friend:
1. dropped it in the veld/park and never found it cuz it was off
2. dropped it on the road and a car rode over it
3.(ok i admit it totaly my fault) i hit her fone with a stick trying to break the stick
and to me:
1. also lost my fone in the same veld
2. the same friend sat on my fone and the screen broke (how the hell that happened i dont know...)

By  orangasm  |  0

In the last month alone, I have gone through 6 phones.
first, I threw against the wall.
(yes that was my fault)
I am now on my fifth venus though.
the fourth was stolen and the first three errored, simply because I downloaded msn.

  stevenJB  |  25

I agree. I've had the same phone for 3yrs and still works perfectly fine. It's not hard to keep it close and put it in a safe place when not using it. :p