By Anonymous - 29/10/2011 23:07 - United States

Today, I lost my phone. On the bright side, someone found it. On the downside, they won't give it back. FML
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Epsilonyx 15

Y'know...the police may be pricks at times, but this is generally the type of situation they could help with. Or you can stab them in the face. Either way works.

Lay their ass out!


Lay their ass out!

Man up, woman! :)

That kind of logic only makes sense until you meet the person with your phone, then you find out that their muscle mass is exponentially greater than yours. Unless they're scrawny, then it still works out, but then again the person probably wouldn't let you find them.

You could always bring along a sledgehammer, that might help you out...

I think a sledgehammer would make this some sort of a know because you have a weapon and all....

The OP had their phone stolen though... So the other guy committed a crime too. (:

The police could actually help in these kinda situations. if not, well sucks to be you!

There's a saying you know..2 wrongs don't make a right...I think it applies xp. Because whether or not they took OP's phone, illegal is illegal and you can get in trouble for it.

beckybecks20 8

#1 looks funny.

Rahl_fml 2

If you had an iPhone you could lock it.

Stonedmanalex 0

Fighting isnt based on muscle mass lol its wheter they can fight or not

je_suis_fml 11

57, jealousy isn't a good look. :-(

yea but their theft charge against OPs assault with a deadly weapon and or attempted murder.....judge will go for the theif comming out better off than OP. so its a lose lose

57 - You look funnier.

call the police :P

As Julian Smith would say- GET YOUR OWN IPHONE!

Just walk up to them with a shotgun. My cop friend says its 100% legal, because your just exercising your write to carry a gun.

feldco1 17

Technically, unless he saw who took the phone, OP can't kick the persons ass. OP probably called the phone and the person picked up, but said he won't return it. Still, a roundhouse kick to the face would be cool.

107 your not allowed to just walk around with your shotgun loaded in public...license or not...stop listening to your cop friend

Todat, this one guy came up and repeadeatly asked for my phone. He says I'm a thief and that I shouldn't steal other people's stuff. I don't know what he's talking about. FML

As it iPhone guy down there?

KiddNYC1O 20


Epsilonyx 15

Y'know...the police may be pricks at times, but this is generally the type of situation they could help with. Or you can stab them in the face. Either way works.

Bbhd05 0

I'm sure if op offered some sort of monetary compensation(money) it would be returned.

Epsilonyx 15

...or they could stab them in the face for free.

You wouldn't even lose a knife in the process either! Just a little bleach to remove the bloodstains and it's good as new!

You could've just said money. Ya know, save yourself the trouble? Instead now you sound like a really pretentious person.

13 - why should OP have to pay to get his phone back? OP - go to the police. Since you know who has it, it should be easy for them to figure out.

flockz 19

stab them with a spork until they bleed out!! HAHAHAHAHA sorry guys my holloween costume is an evil bastard i gotta stay in character.

......did anyone say shank? :D

Situations like this make me thankful that I'm big.

Actually, 51, no one said shank.

tweetbaby14 18

I remember losing my phone at school... the ass that found it said they'd return it to the school, and when we said we need it back that day in person, they hid it on some random ass street. Moral of the story: Search and destroy OP. It'll make you feel better, trust me.

Aww :( *crawls back under a rock* Wait 62, you just said it -.-

22- what's your psn?

X_Codes 11

Well, I have to say that a Finder's Fee of $30 or so isn't completely unheard of. The guy is saving you the trouble of buying a whole, new $300 phone, afterall. That said, if he's absolutely not going to give it back to you, then you really should call the police.

97 -- with what phone? :p (Yes, I'm aware that there are other phones that can be used.) |the kid|

Call their mother... Oh wait

Sucks to be you right now.... *breaks out in song*

Xallys 0

If that's an Avenue Q reference, I love you ^_^

wheresmyfood 0

People these days !

kingsgirl99 6

Fyl sry!

flockz 19

i'll buy a vowel for two hundred please.

What's 'sry'? I don't comprehend..... ....,oh. SORRY?!?!

Y is technically a vowel

blair_x 12

Take that shit and run, bro.

nick347b 6

On the bright side, you can always call the police.

with the phone she doesn't have. great idea.

It's called a friend's phone, home phone or pay phone. Derp.

Deactivate it and see how much they want it then. :]

Good old grab and go. Unless you don't know where they live.