By bearprint
Today, I lost my job to the individual I just finished training. Within 2 hours after being escorted out, my old boss called and yelled at me for doing a lousy job. He was angry that the training was deficient and because the new person is as bad as I was. FML
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  J352SAURUS  |  30

To all the people reading this thread, the original comment had about ten dislikes when I commented. Now it's currently sitting at +2. I'm not crazy, okay?

  jvanevery  |  19

I personally think this comment isn't up toTrip's normal high standards
but I think I see Analog on his periodical reading list. recent articles on the singularity in there

By  Marcella1016  |  31

Sorry, OP. If they really thought you were that bad at your job, they should've worked with you and given you additional training, rather than having you train someone else. What are they gonna do, fire this person but have them train someone else first and let the cycle continue? Hopefully you get another job soon and do better at that one.

By  AirBusDriver  |  23

You boss sounds like an incompetent jerk. Send him a bill for your time, as you were no longer on the payroll when he called and he was taking up YOUR time. He deserves the extra annoyance that would cause him when he receives your invoice in the mail.

By  _Desiderata_  |  9

Damn, that's messed up. The boss firing you was one thing. Calling you to verbally abuse you was a whole other thing that definitely crossed the line. Even if you were bad at your job, you did not deserve to be treated like this. I'm sorry, OP.

By  Emmereen  |  29

Did you know that your boss thought you were performing poorly? I'm sorry you lost the job and then got verbally abused. I hope you took the opportunity to tell your former boss off.