By Morgan - 22/06/2011 05:48 - United States

Today, I lost my dog. I looked around my neighborhood for hours, and found it under my bed asleep when I got home. FML
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That's the first place I'd look...

You should be glad it's safe now :)


didn't you use dog treats!?!?!

Apparently not...but your dog is safe, that's all that matters!:)

arlekin21 0

this happens to me all the time

ImaWiseGuy 5

get you some dooby snacks I mean scooby snacks and that should fix your problem...

iSitt 0

should gave just yelled that you're going for a walk. that excites them.

tsim_fml 0

You call your dog an "it"? wtf is wrong with you

theten_fml 9

my dog died =[

u know how in the dog movies they always have that line where the dog says something like "i have to walk my human"? well, this is what happened to op, but the dog is both lazy and clever, so it made op walk by himself by ingeniously hiding.

It? You're a shit owner. I hope your dog shits in your mouth while you're sleeping. Ydi.

IndiRae 9

Anyone willing who notices their pets absence and is willing to go look for them, in my opinion, isn't a 'shit owner'

lonewolf6613 4

well said 16 I give you props :) 2 why are you so gross? :(

JetLifeNextLife 0

2- did you not read the FML?

sourgirl101 28

I think 2 is pointing out that the OP called the dog "IT" instead of him/her, as if the animal is an object. I could be wrong.(:

#2 Even good pet owners have pets that escape.

jdawgg92 1

#29 is right. #2 is pointing out that the person called the dog an "it". I noticed that too

my dogs used too escape all the time, but they'd run so far its impossuble to find them until some other people find them and call us.

Kryson53 0

that's a little harsh for referring to your dog as "it" don't you think?

we have all been trolled

You should be glad it's safe now :)

sometimes the answer is right in front of you and you see it last

well said:) my doggy got hit by a car bumper in the head and died instantly!

And you're happy about that?


That's the first place I'd look...

enonymous 8

Same here when I lose my Hot Dogs I check under my bed.

under the bed is always the first place i look for just about anything

balest22 0

U didnt look in ur house?!? WOW?!?

of course the op looked in the house just not under the bad


At least you didn't find it dead.

Hahahaha, entire team is BABIES!

alexsmokesdro91 0

usually I take the time to look around the house before going all throughout the neighborhood.. but hey that's just me.

fadingfaith 4

Its probably a bigger dog, because if it was a small dog you think it be hiding since it's so tiny. A big dog you automatically think it was lost if you can't spot it.