By Anonymous - 24/02/2011 23:03 - United States

Today, I looked in my mouse's cage and noticed a tiny weed growing. I've been trying to grow a garden for years to no avail. Even my mouse is a better gardener than I am. FML
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ur mouse is growing weed plants to cope with his sucky jail celled life XD

Don't feel like a dope or be hash on yourself. You'll grow some grass eventually, maybe pot today, maybe pot tomorrow, but someday. Not everybody has a green thumb. Maybe you could ask your friend Mary Jane to hemp you out with your gardening, just take her out to lunch at a local burger joint in exchange for her assistance. It cannabis too hard. All these crappy puns are making Mary-wanna get high now... (Man, I wish I was as clever with these as DocBastard.)


LOL. Gardening mouseee? That's a new one.. :')

How is that possible ? Do you have dirt in your mouse cage ?? Do you water the cage ??

You feed rats seeds and nearly all of the water bottles drip. It happened to my hamsters old cage. I had left it in my garage when my hamster died and about a week later a plant popped up. But OP seriously needs to clean her pet's cage.

Really, clean the damn cage. Stop neglecting your pet, and be fucking responsible. F your pets life is more accurate.

do u know dat shit is better Dan dirt? lol

rjdr 7

ds you know that you appear to be a fucking retard?

That's adorable.

Haha yay I'm not the only person who immediately thought of an adorable little mouse gardener

ur mouse is growing weed plants to cope with his sucky jail celled life XD

haha its his weed lab

true and awesome picture!

I wish my pet would grow me some weed.

me too :(

You mean you guy's pets don't?!

yeah. my chinchilla knows how to grow weed. he doesn't smoke tho

I've been raising rats for the past 5 years, and it can happen. Their crap and water from the water dish and sun from the window will do just that. In fact, the rats liked to chew on the weeds and grass :s

i used to plant oat grass in my rat cage. my rat was dumb as a post, but he loved it. i feed oat grass to my turtle regularly and he's far healthier as a result. i always encourage pet owners to keep plenty of nontoxic, green plants about; i find pets are healthier, happier and much more energetic as a result.

Bahahaha! Jealous much?! xD

ahahahaha I bet he can pack and sell it better than you can too look like Victoria Justice. not a bad thing...just sayin look like Victoria Justice. not a bad thing...just sayin

oh, thank you :)

Haha and you sir look like the devil. Just saying.

hahaha o wow. hey look on the bright side u still have weed and u didn't have to do anything to get it. lol.

you raised the mouse who grew the weed, does he not owe you a portion of his crops for being his caretaker?