By Butterflyguy - Canada
Today, I literally stopped traffic. I was crossing the street and a butterfly landed on me. Being phobic of butterflies, I had a panic attack in the middle of the road. Oh, and I am 17, captain of our football team, and in very good shape. My girlfriend laughed the hardest. FML
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By  dramakat11  |  0

Well, sounds like you've got a good life so whatev. But I do know how horrible panic attacks are--they are Hell so I feel for you. But why would you be scared of butterflies? That's insensitive of your gf but I don't know if I'd be able to help laughing either...

  misty_donna  |  0

also if you've ever watched spongebob, theres an episode when the whole town are scared of a butterfly in a bubble; "wormy". Spongebob thought it was cute until he saw it close up :P

  dusty1030  |  0

yea because there's only one person in the world that can fit a 17 year old and a football captain. Now I'm not saying this is true, but you weren't there maybe it happened, maybe he is 17, just because you weren't there doesn't mean it did not happen. oh and you're stupid for reading this site just to call people fake... i think this shit is ridiculous. ha

  sooper  |  0

Look guys, the point of a phobia is that it's an irrational fear. That means although it may be odd to fear whatever the subject matter is, in this case butterflies, it's still terrifying and not alot can be done about it. And OP, don't feel bad. Nicole Kidman is scared of them too (:


No, American Football is a sport for pansies.

It's a girly version of a real mans game called Rugby.

No padding, no pretty little helmets.

And FYI, it's not fucking football.

Football, by its very definition is a game involving your foot and a ball. You know, what dumb yanks call soccer.

Whilst some kicking is involved in American Football (from now on referred to as "girl rugby"), it is NOT football.

Now, if this is genuine:

OP: Don't sweat it. There are numerous people who have irrational fears. Once your g/f, mates and team-mates grow the fuck up, they wont take the piss as much.

Still kinda funny though!

  humorizer  |  14

Darn it; why do my posts disappear?!

Anyhow, here's a poem.

Since early childhood I have been terrified of Butterflies and I even wrote a poem at the tender age of 10...
Walking slowly down a lonely track,
I felt something flutter on my back.
I turned around to take a spy,
and there it was...a butterfly!
"Oh no" I gasped "Not him again"
and off I ran on down the lane.
The lane was narrow dark and dim,
oops I tripped over a garbage bin.
I ran so fast I could not see,
that it was catching up to me!
I ran into a large brick wall,
and then of course I had a fall.
In the end it went on by,
Oh I hate those butterflies!!!

  Whininghippo  |  0

I'm pretty sure this is BS... or a second happening of the same thing. I'm pretty sure I've read about a football captain with Butterfly phobia... maybe it was the same guy getting his life effed again? haha.


HAHAHA, hilarious poem!

As for you OP, WHAT THE FUCK?? Butterflies?? But whatever, you can't control your phobias, at least not until you get counseling. Of course maybe now you will consider therapy after this ridiculous scenario (if it is in fact a true story).

  StingMunFizzy  |  0


  lordhelmet  |  0

a phobia is an irrational fear so he isn't afraid of what the butterfly would do but rather something about it simply frightens him most likely because of a past experience

By  dramakat11  |  0

Well, sounds like you've got a good life so whatev. But I do know how horrible panic attacks are--they are Hell so I feel for you. But why would you be scared of butterflies? That's insensitive of your gf but I don't know if I'd be able to help laughing either...

  humorizer  |  14

Not that I'm afraid of them, but if you've seen a butterfly up close, they're gigantic and rather creepy. I mean, put it this way: if they didn't have the 'pretty' wings, and they just had clear wings, people would scream left and right (come to think of it, if they had clear wings, they'd be dragonflies, lol).

But yeah, I saw a swarm of butterflies seething around some old bananas I'd tossed out in the garden (for composting) and it was disturbing seeing all of them walking around on the food.

Trust me, up close they are not pretty. Incidentally, I have no problem with little spiders, I think they're rather cute. But yes, larger spiders do slightly trigger my defensive instinct, because I assume they may bite; but in general, I just simply get a jar and let them outside. I only kill the ones that seem aggressive.

Now, I'm not going to make believe that I'm not a wuss; on the contrary, I have a fear of hornets. Those I shoot down with BB guns when they come into the house.


Are you serious?
It's a PHOBIA, which means it's an irrational fear and he can't control it! And you are being an insensitive idiot, not only for saying the OP deserved it, but also using 'pussy' as an insult.
Seriously, a vagina is not a swear word. It's a f*cking body part.


And "Pussies" take a fucking beating, they are stronger than your testicles and Penis, do if you think about it you're actually referring to him as being "strong". So your argument is invalid and shut the absolute fuck up you inconsiderate bunch of assholes.

  PennyAnna  |  3

They have antennae and too many legs like any other insect, plus they flutter around in a way which I find very creepy. And then they settle on things, and they twitch...

  saa994  |  0

there are plenty of people with weird, unexplainable phobias. I am terrified of ketchup. I have no idea why. When I was little, my brother would chase me around the house with ketchup bottles. People always thought I was being ridiculous. then, one time, in the seventh grade, I went with a friend and her family to a beach house in florida. her two older brothers found out about my fear. they thought I was kidding. they chased me around the house for a half hour with a ketchup bottle, and then finally they got some on my arm. I threw up, and I was hysterically crying. I had a panic attack. I had to scrub my arm until it was bleeding. I swear, the smell of that stuff makes me nauseous. I have no idea what is scary about that stuff, but it's just something that I have a fear of. It sounds ridiculous, but it's not that the person is crazy, but it's just an unexplainable irrational fear. that's why they are called phobias.