By taylor124 - United States
Today, I listened to a voice mail from my mom about how she misses me and cant wait to see me when I get back from vacation. Thinking she hung up, my mother then had a conversation with my aunt about how quiet the house is without me and how she'd be blessed if I didn't come home. FML
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By  wow18  |  3

It's so annoying when people on here start bashing anyone 18 or over for still living with their parents. Just because the law in this country says that parents don't HAVE to support their kids after that age does not mean everyone should automatically be ready to move out. Also a person's frontal lobe(front part of the brain that helps us make rational decisions) isn't even done growing completely at that age, so it's okay to be living with your parents even until your early 20s as long as you're all mature enough to respect each other.

To the original poster, I'm sure she misses you but probably does like the little bit of quiet and free time to herself. Everyone likes to be alone at some point so consider this as her vacation for herself and don't take it seriously.

By  lexiBRo  |  0

OP doesn't necessarily have to move out but perhaps should be more considerate of the people living there. If you are old enough to go on vacations without your parents there is no excuse for you behaving immaturely and making such a noticeable presence in the house.

By  visage  |  0

Take that as a hint. How old are you, and if you can afford an extended vacation why haven't you moved out? If you go back lay low, because what your doing now is obviously annoying the life she'd rather live.

  Mr_Eated  |  0

#11 hit it on the head. Growing up means taking responsibility and moving out. Maybe fewer vacations would allow rent to be paid somewhere. I imagine you'll get along better once you start living like an independent adult. Now, if by vacation you meant "camp" and you're under 18, your mom is a douchebag. If not...Get the hell out already.