By sadsadperson - / Wednesday 7 September 2011 08:51 / Australia
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Did anyone else have the hardest time clicking this damn FML because of how small it is and where it was? Geez.

OP, that's pretty pathetic. That's essentially trying to impress yourself...? But you're a girl. From what I know, getting laid is pretty fucking easy if you have a vagina.

  karagarren  |  8

if you're still writing a diary then more than likely you are 16. not that there is anything wrong with diaries or that you are 16 but my guess is you're too young anyways. there's more important stuff than sex. go volunteer at a soup kitchen and stop complaining about the small stuff

  morgan320  |  0

OP wrote a whole diary book side about the hot and sweaty night she had with her imaginary boyfriend just so she could read it later in life and see what date she lost her imaginary virginity.

  ak7477  |  9

What's the point? It's your diary..no one else will read it, except you, so lying to yourself doesn't change a thing...it may make for a kinda funny FML but that's about it

  maurambie  |  9

20 & 31 - I hate these one-line FMLs too! And 31 - I remember you from that other one-line FML a short time ago, haha. And again,
I love your pic ;) Oh and same goes to you, 42 :)

  Tookie22  |  5

More important stuff... A soup kitchen? Come on really. You need to get laid too. An OP if you weren't disgusting maybe a guy would lay pipe if you set out the welcome mat

  karagarren  |  8

You don't know whether or not I'm a virgin. I'm just saying there are more important things in this world than getting laid. like helping people. Ignorant people like you piss me off.

By  MyPerspective  |  4

It's okay. You don't rush these things. Just be happy for who you are and how you are. When you've found the right person, you'll settle down and it all comes naturally.
So just chill. ;)


What's wrong with not having sex until you're over 20? Not everyone loses their virginity in high school and there's nothing wrong with that. I honestly commend people who wait.

  13FTW  |  9

I agree the original comment poster doesn't appear to have read the FML but, the word "retarded" is extremely unnecessary. Some people actually are challenged and in a sense that is putting them down.

Gosh I hate being serious on FML....