By Rich - 19/05/2010 20:43 - United States

Today, I let my dog outside so he could pee. After an hour, I let him back in. He just wanted to come inside to pee on the floor. FML
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Haha, it's a dog. Same brain as a man.

how is that cute? O_o


Awee, how cute. Lmfao

how is that cute? O_o

not even cute, that's crazy hot

This is why cats are better! But I agree this is cute if it's just a puppy. If it's full grown ya shoulda trained it better.

not a fml, it does suck- but your life isn't f-ed

i disagree piss smells does cat shit...i can smell it from a mile away... :(

So does any animals piss and shit. but cats shit in a box so you can just throw it away.

I think it all smells equally bad, 14. I had a lhaso apso with seperation anxiety. he peed every time I left for the first 6 mos I had him fortunately he always peed on the kitchen floor so it was easy to clean. but it still smelled. on a side note, I miss my Marshmallow :(

my dogs piss doesnt smell....but their shit definitly does....unortunately, my cat made a habit of pissing in my dirty laundy...

Let the training commence!

that's what you get for leaving a dog an hour to pee. he probaby did pee ten needed to pee again when you let him in. YDI.

:) you're dog is awesome OP.

all it wanted was to give you a present!!! (:

I agree with 13

#1 im pree sure ive seen u before, haha do u know declan?

Lol. Just be glad he didn't have diarrhea. My dog had it a couple days ago. Thank God for wood floors. Just Lysol and febreze the area.

an hour? seems kinda long. and wtf cats suck dogs are where it's at

You're life isn't fucked Op. You decided to get a dog so stop whining and clean that up.

does anybody else think it's weird that seanreddog (emphasis on dog) is saying that cats are better?

eat that dog, it taste just like chicken

here's an idea- train your dog! it's people like you that make people think dogs are stupid and filthy.

Get a cat I love kitties

eww no. cats suck. why would you train an animal to use your home as a toilet?

88 - As in, train it to use a litter box? That's not it using your house as a restroom.

Wow that must suck. You should get a new dog

Is that not a bit harsh, all it did was pee in the house, most pets do that at some point

or just train it? Not that hard

Haha, it's a dog. Same brain as a man.

haha, it's true.

Puppy trick... they do like it, don't they?

yah id shit ona floor to piss somebody off, especially at a house party or something when nobody knows i did it

op your no longer the master your dog now owns you

what a bitch… I'm talking about the dog not u #1

You're obsessed with cats and hate dogs. We get it. Chill.

You can't take a joke. We get it. Chill.

That's when you bitch-slap the dog hard enough so it doesn't dare do that again.

He's a dog like he knows what he's doing..

that sucks but it's pretty funny xD

Just clean it up. My dog throws up/ pees occasionally to. Seriously not an FML. I swear the FML place or whatever picks some of the stupidest FMLs and not the good ones!!