By Anonymous - 30/12/2011 03:07 - China

Today, I left work early, and discovered I was locked out of my house. I subsequently had to use a spoon I found on the ground to smash the bathroom window. I cut my leg on the glass when I climbed through. While inspecting the wound, I felt a lump in my pocket. It was my house key. FML
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Checking your pockets for keys before you break a window usually works. But that's just me.

Airman1988 9

So you managed to search the ground and find a spoon but not your own pocket for a key?


Don't worry, it happens to all of us :p

Both of you, plus the OP are fucking stupid.

jaredjudd21 2

Chinese people have spoons?

Its these types of FMLs that make me fear for the sake of humanity

OP you are officially a dumbass. Wouldn't you check your pockets first if you think you lost a small object like your key?

Wow....epic fail OP.....epic fail...

takeapieandrun 9

You completely deserved this one, OP

So2011 4

IKR. That must suck that OP didn't check their pockets so they totally deserved that. Maybe now it can't happen next time.

yeah...what a dumbass.

I thought the Chinese were expert ninjas? Hmm guess I went "out on a limb" on that one.

Ninjas are from japan.

xSonic 9

My girlfriend said my penis is a ninja :/

China didn't even have anything close to ninjas at any point in recorded history, ninjas were fuedal japanese farmers.

68, is your penis a ninja because you can't find it?

xSonic 9


Checking your pockets for keys before you break a window usually works. But that's just me.

Do you try to be an asshole?

67 do you always whine?

Why break the window and climb through it, before you check your pockets for the keys?

don't you usually search your own pockets/bags first before you attempt breaking in?

Sneaky bastards those keys are.

The glass! Is the glass ok? Do we need an ambulance?

flux_panic 18

And what about the spoon? First being left outside. Then the poor thing was being used to smash a window against its will.

This made me laugh so much

jrsylilballer6 7

Why break the window ?

Seriously, it's hard to feel bad for OP. Maybe you should just look in your pocket next time, because there is about a 90% chance of it being there.