By stupidlights - United States
Today, I left my lights on in my car. I realized it at lunch, made sure to turn the lights off and tried to start it. The battery was dead, and I called my dad to jump it before I got back from my game. I come back from my game and the lights were on. He left the lights on after the jump. FML
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By  trailerboy531  |  0

Today, I plowed into the back of somebody's car and possibly totaled mine. I watched battery acid leak down the street from the sidewalk. I bought that battery a month ago.

And you think your battery has problems...

By  love15_fml  |  8

#7 could you explain what was wrong with your battery? (sorry, I don't drive yet so I guess I don't know all that yet)

and OP why would your dad need to turn the light on? are you sure you didn't change it from on to off to on? some switches are like that. That sucks either way though.