By Anonymous - United States
Today, I left my dog alone in the house for ten minutes while I took a shower. When I got out I found a mess of dust all over the floor and her ripping up a package that was supposed to be sent to my aunt. It contained my grandmother's ashes. FML
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  max_wilder  |  9

yes you can blame the dog because you should have raised it better so it doesn't tear shit up when you leave it by its self and also if your dog usually likes to chew things other than bones/dog toys you should have kept the package well out of reach.

  tifani322  |  13

Actually you can't blame the dog. At all. The dog didn't know what it was doing and OP should have known whether or whether not to trust it alone. And should have kept the ashes out of reach. It's not the dogs fault that it was poorly trained.


What is the point? There's point second-guessing whether FMLs are fake or not. Unless it's blatantly obvious, you'll never actually know, and does it REALLY matter?

Anyway, OP, that's really unlucky. Hopefully your aunt will understand.

  Mnemic  |  5

I got with this one yes. It should have been on a safe spot. And how was it actually packaged? Just in a plastic bag or something? If it was a pretty heavy well sealed urn it would probably not have happened.

And to think of it, sometimes it happens that packages get damaged in the mail. Grandma maybe would have ended on the floor of a cargo plane...