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does anybody understand how hilarious "wheel nuts" sound?

Uhhuhuh. Beavis, he said 'nuts'. Uhuhuhuh.


1 2 many of these same fmls.

ydi for gettin your nuts stolen

haha he said nuts.

RHCP picture FTW! :) They're my 3rd favorite band. :)

For a second I thought "wheel nuts" meant those metal testes that douchebags put on the back of their pickups.

@85 Misleading FML is misleading.

hahaha Ur wheel got nutered

u must be white.

their called lug nuts.....

I think you mean "they're". If you're going to correct someone, it's best not to sound even more ignorant in the process.

YDI for leaving it in a disreputable area. >_>

what about it's vagina?

who stole them? lady gaga?

aww nuts . ):

that's funny cuz I just stole nuts of someones car the other day. you might have paid for my mcdonalds op

and you paid for m McDonald's ;)

that's what she said

YDI. You shouldn't leave your car somewhere like that, and if you do, ALWAYS check everything. Also, if you hear strange sounds, stop immediatly!

who can you always check everything. like a 10 minute pre-drive check??

Wow, you are an idiot. If nothing else was stolen then why would OP expect the wheel nuts to be stolen?

I think they mean check your car if you have to leave your car in a shady area.

haha u ain't got no nuts. unless ur a girl

68 fail, and who really checks their car when coming back to it? I would think that the people that would check their cars are the ones that either can't lock their doors due to a problem with the car or the ones that have already been robbed before.

Well if you're hearing a strange "clonk" sound when driving your car I would suspect you'd pull over and check at that point.

so just like you girlfriend, some thief stole your nuts?

does anybody understand how hilarious "wheel nuts" sound?

that leaves a wonderful visual in my head. like truck nuts but for wheels

lol that's what she said...

damn sxychik u live up to ur name :)

haha thanks :)

where u from girl?

OH MY GOD! She deserved more than a OMG.

sxychick=fake. I've seen that pic all over the Internet.

uhhhhhhhh..... this is really me..

wow just wow that's all they took what kinda car do you have OP?

How'd they get it off?

This whole comment section is TWSS worthy.

Uhhuhuh. Beavis, he said 'nuts'. Uhuhuhuh.

my thoughts exactly..

hooray for driving your crappy car... I was kinda hoping you crashed into a stop sign and got impaled by it.. that would be fml worthy

Have to admit I can't remember the last time I seen a stop sign in Birmingham...

your ex stole your nuts honey, she keeps them in a jar of formaldahyde on the nightstand.

That's where my wife keeps mine.