By Cooky - 14/03/2010 09:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I learnt that the people I work with dislike me so much that they have a competition to see who can accidentally hurt me the most. How did I find out? A chef poured boiling water over my hands, and another shouted "50 POINTS!" FML
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don't be a baby. cut his junk and yell 200 points!

wow. that's fucked man!


wow. that's fucked man!

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Oh god, cue all the comments complaining about "learnt".

Wow... that really sucks...what did you do to provoke them? If they just don't like you then it's def an FYI

um... i'd be on my guard, op, before they do something more... permanent...

Just wait til Snickers reads this...

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hahahahahahahah loser much

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rofl, that sucks epic-ly >_>

It's 1000 points if the chef accidentally cuts of the OPs dick with a meat cleaver.

OP, just so you know, I'm very competitive. Ask your friends how many points a 9mm to the shoulder is.

Blue_Coconuts 7

Screw 9MM, go for a .45 in the shin. Bonus points if he's unable to walk for six months to a year right??

theian01 3

Milimeters are two lower case m's. Capital m's are meters... (/asshole)

LOL! I was thinking the samething!!

1. I woulda castrated that guy with a spoon if I found he did that on purpose 2. you probably provoked it in some way so it's probably your fault anyways

redrum redrum.........

you should get the people fired

that game sounds sooo ffuunnn!

Methinks it's time to have a meeting with Toby from HR..

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that's horrible. no one deserves to be treated like that.

#8 is hott.. lol my bad. I tried to post it under his comment:D

@8: 'learnt' is the right way in Australia, and no doubt in the UK too. In fact, it's probably just the US that says 'learned'

I live in the US and spell it learnt so what does that make me? :S. Other then someone that's read way too many books by foreign authors?

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OP must be from the South.

164 is a mod2 playing dbag

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maybe it's bc u say shit like learnt?

I smell a lawsuit?

who said he deserved it youre such idiots!!!

@140 Office reference right???

Learnt. You dumbass. :|

How about we just blow his fucking limbs off and with dynamite?

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You guys are right. This one calls for the .357 SIG. Or 12-gauge.

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yea its really f'ed up

katiegurl19512 10

agreed :)

Peacemaker9 7

dude let me play too!!!!!!!! lol jking u got my sympathy 100% op fuck ur co-workers

chop his dick off and yell 90 points!

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-favorites- this made me lol (:

your gay for thinking about shooting someone with a 9mm SERIOUSLY

tweetbaby14 18

lol that sounds fun. so if I hit you with a car is that 100 or 99 points

Twi_lover_EC 6

#2 win!!!!!!!

Depends on the speed. One point per mph. Multiplier depending on which body part you hit first (e.g. butt first x3, arm x1, legs x2, back x2, head x5).

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retarded, that dosent mean they made a game. I say that all the time when I witness people injuring themselves.

That's really retarded. Who would actually say something like "50 POINTS!" every single time ou se someone get hurt?

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yeah so @161 if some person like cut their hand off us be like "69 pointssss!"? ur pretty mean.

don't be a baby. cut his junk and yell 200 points!

Sun_Kissed18 25

Oww... don't you think that would be more like instant win? Though I'm not a guy but I'd think it would be worth a little more than 200 points. Especially if you can play it off as an "accident" like they are trying to do.

Sounds like a fun game

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Learnt is just as appropriate in the U.K. So is burnt instead of burned.

And you're a fucking moronic ignorant American.

Monikabug 9

And your a fucking moronic ignorant bigot. :)

Monikabug 9

^ yeah, it was intentional. Haha

^^this FTW BIGOTS!!!

^^this continue the chain of ^^this

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FYLDeep 25

you're* a moron. Lol I had to go all snickerdoodles on you. Speaking of which, the OP must get more hate than snickerdoodles for this to happen.

FYLDeep 25

You lost the game.

sourgirl101 28

Thank you Pendatic for pointing out Bigpickle's mistake. Glass houses people! Educate yourselves before you try to educate others. I understand mistakes happen but do your research first. I hope you LEARNT something.

FYLDeep 25

Correction, I pointed out the mistake.

sourgirl101 28

FYLdeep, you're correct. It was also the your/you're. I will give you extra credit. I didn't mean to make you feel lefted out.

sourgirl101 28

Learn to read all comments.

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i like the teamwork pen

sourgirl101 28

Left not lefted. Someone shoot me for my errors.

Monikabug 9

Let me get my water gun! :)

Why don't you "accidentally" kick him in the crotch?

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^^ win.

you're probably super annoying..

You're definitely really annoying

You need to be reporting that to someone...

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Learnt is the British English spelling. OP is from Britain. Ergo learnt is correct.

golf clap to you for knowing the difference.

frickyourlives 0

Golf clap to you for being lame enough to use the idea of 'golf clap'.

Fminetoo 0

Gay golf clap to you for not calling it a Tiger Woods clap. : P

frickyourlives 0

Tiger woods clap is something else entirely, trust me, you don't want that.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

lmao I'm so pissed 78 stole my joke lol! damn you!!! hahhaha

#5, if you're going to call someone a moron, do it properly. Makes you look worse. The worst part is that learnt is an appropriate spelling.