By Anonymous - 17/5/2019 16:31
Today, I learned that the landlord tenant act does not apply since I'm living in the same house as my landlord. She's making my life a living hell and breaking my things. I still have 3 months left in the contract. FML
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By  ahabsfan  |  14

Since the landlord tenant act doesn’t apply then is the contract really valid? Maybe you can leave now without giving the required notice from the act.

  Sara Vandal  |  9

I thought I could, I can't. The landlord tennant act may not apply, but the contract is still valid, she knows exactly what she can and can't get away with, she's a lawyer.

By  ViviMage  |  38

Look for a new place to live or change it to a month-to-month contract.

I had the same thing and she had crippling anxiety and panic attacks, and wouldn't do dishes, or pay the electric, the house was eventually foreclosed on, homeless people had more rights to the place than paying tenants, and she blamed me and my dead for five years bunny for roaches when SHE would track grape jelly footprints and pee on the floor on a daily basis.

Look for a new place and get OUT of there!