By gymgirl - 05/05/2011 13:47 - Hong Kong

Today, I learnt that eating McDonald's, Twisties, Chocolate and popcorn, then regretting it and going to the gym is a bad idea. I discovered how far vomit, on a moving treadmill, can be thrown across a room. FML
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You mean you had to experience it to figure out it was a bad idea?


GreenBud_fml 0

**** mcdonalds. Wendy's ftw. I like your new pic archer.

iAmScrubs 19

If you were regretting it, then you shouldn't have gone to the gym.

**** wendys. with their nasty ass fries and burgers that get cold a minute after you get them

44. **** you. that shit happens at any fast food restaurant. think about the people that work there. they don't try to hard to make the food good. but when the food is fresh, Wendy's.

YDI for saying "learnt" because it's hardly a word.

iAmScrubs 19

57- I'm not sure if your comment was sarcasm or a joke that is going over my head. If it is, it is my fault, but how can something be "hardly" a word. Either it is a word or it isn't and in the case of learnt, it is definitely a word.

YayaInLalaLand 0

60, it is hardly a word, because of the fact that it is a very old word used during Victorian and Shakespearian times. Actually, it is being taken out of English dictionaries due to the fact that it is no longer the proper use when it comes to speaking in past tense.

iAmScrubs 19

I see your logic but I think in some parts of the world, it is still a very appropriate past tense form of learn. OP is from Hong Kong and learnt might be an accepted word there.

You would think after eating McDonalds you would feel bad.... not after your done eating for the day.

imacreeper 3

and that my friend is why there is a P90X. you could have avoided making yourself look like a fool in public and vomited at home.

is anyone besides me wondering wtf a twisty is?

Kn0wledge123 21

I'm still wondering how she thought eating McDonalds, chocolate, and popcorn would end up well...

Heather_x0x0 6

op probably should have worked out the day after...

mandywaffles 0

It's a snack food, kinda like potato chips. I haven't seen them in the US but I think they only sell them in Asia and Australia. :)

there like these weird popcorn things, you can get them in Canada and there soooo good

cesfire 0

datz why there's insanity

twisties are sort of like crisps,

I'm doing that right now, there's a reason it's called insanity! haha

littlemissFYL 5

don't regret anything that made you smile =D now OP, did that greasy ass food making you smile? i think not. probably gained you a couple pounds if anything.

littlemissFYL 5

*make. I've said it once, and I'll say it again. **** you spellcheck.

HugeRedRash 0

wow this retard said he learnt.

Yes, what is the result for this exercise in MISapplied Physics?

You mean you had to experience it to figure out it was a bad idea?

hollisterluv9 0

the wording on this FML bugs me for some reason

I don't know, the idea was actually pretty good. I mean, she worked out and all the food left her body before she could become fat. Sure, putting your finger in your mouth works too but sounds way more crazy and unhealthy.

Wow, you must have been really hungry...

take away the feeling guilty and the gym and there would be no problems (:

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Learnt is a word... isn't it? Because my spell check isn't botching about it

Too bad you didn't learn that not everyone is from the US.

rainbow_eyes84 0

Learnt is a word. Look it up!

Hahahaha what would you say instead!? I learn-ed to drive today? You're an idiot!!

bengermin 5

Has OP learned about, commas in a list, or about comma splices?

dude, he's Chinese, give him a break

cptmorgan15 2

6, it's people like you that make me hate people from my own country. Stop being so damn ignorant.

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YayaInLalaLand 0

20, "I learned to drive today", isn't proper sentence structure. It would be, "I learned how to drive today". You fail.

iAmScrubs 19

6- you just got shown up by at least 8 people.

How do you feel guilty eating McDonald's? Suuure, it's fattening, but... okay, I understand. Next time... wait longer to go to the gym? I don't know...

I'm just thinking OP is lucky she didn't shit herself at the same time.

0opsie 6

You shouldn't feel guilty about pigging out once in a while unless you do it all the time. Next time, wait an hour after eating before trying to work it off.

Projectile vomit. It's scary.And it's coming to get you.

153 are those your real eyes? or contact lenses

probably contacts, if not she is the most badass person alive.

there's this girl at school who has one brown eye and one blue eye and doesnt use lenses.. as you said pretty bad ass 0.0

wikkedphuka 0

ofcorse those r her real eyes i know lots of people who have one green n one purple eyes..... my cuzin has pink eye lmaoooooooo

Projectile vomit, coming soon to a gym near you

Bahahaha Gross! In my old gym the rowing machines were right behind the treadmills too! some unsuspecting boat enthusiast could have gotten a tasty facefull!

1, how is that relevant? and 2, if the rowing machines are behind the treadmill, wouldn't the vomit be going in the opposite direction?

the vomit hit the treadmil band and flew backwards, into the face of the unsuspecting rower!

yeah but if it was PROJECTILE VOMIT it wouldn't hit the treadmill in the first place! UNLESS she was looking down at her feet as she walked... what would really have sucked was if there was another treadmill going right in front of her and the vomit hit that treadmill and got sent flying right back in her face! 