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  n_maher  |  0

ok while I agree, if a female is acting like a
piece of trash, trying to fight with a guy she deserves to be put back in her place, and cannot expect the guy to just stand there and have to take it.

Although in the end, in general society (notice I say general, to all of those "that's unfair not everyone" people) I do not think it is ok for a male to hit a female with full force as "generally" unfortunetly females are weaker, and not able to take a punch from a guy. if a guy was being a wanker in a bar and I slapped him in the face, I would not expect to be punched back... if you get me, use your discression imo it's not all so black and white. if you don't act like an out of control physco female picking fights then you don't have to worry about being hit.

so fyl op that sucks she clearly deserves to be put back in her place or taught to check her facts first... gross girl.

  bombtastic  |  10

lol, honestly, she's a dumb broad. obviously she shouldve been the one to get her ass kicked for being so stupid. what kind of idiot just goes ahead with what they're doing even if they don't know the guy? ignorant son of a bitch. I'd press charges for harassment and be like yeah, you know me now as the guy you assumed I was your ex or some dumb shit.

  spartabreda  |  3

#67 once at a party this one chick got up in some guys face and was punching him in the face 4 or 5 times. he was pushing her away and she just wouldn't give up. guy just knocked her out afterwards.

  mrguy266  |  0

Exactly, i would never hit a girl, the only reason I would if it was purely needed..but I probably would still feel bad afterwards..
Props OP for not retaliating..

  Krajjan  |  9

This is why I taught my girlfriend Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai. Now she can kick all the ass I'm legally or ethically unable to kick. Everytime a female strikes me and I don't deserve it, my little blond ninja proceeds to lay waste upon the land. Best idea ever.

  Itzmeh  |  0

I feel sorry for men. Girls beat up guys and nothings wrong. Guys beat up girls and it's abuse. Psh boys can't even defend themselves without being reported >.>

  Skimbap  |  0

A woman randomly walks over to a man, punches him in the face and kicks him while he's down, she's regarded as a hero to her peirs, yet a man walks up to a woman and simply raises his voice towards her, he can be charged for verbal abuse. Women are always bitching about equality, so then suck it up when you get punched in the face or go back to your kitchen.

  fawfulster  |  11

I agree. And I'm a guy. What pisses me off the most is when girls ask for "equality" and shit, like the feminists, but when guys treat her "equally" or punch them for being bitches, they pull out what I like to call "the woman card", which consists of extreme whining of how they're females and should be respected for being so when they were the ones asking to be treated that way. So, it's OK for women to punch guys but NOT the other way around? FUCK THAT! If a girl deserves to be punched (like the girl in OP's case) then kick her ass!


equality does not mean women can hit men and men can hit women back. equality is about women having the same life opportunities as men, job wise and income wise. don't you think women should have that? double standards, on the other hand, will always exist. men can't hit women. thats a standard, thats what you have to do to be considered as a decent guy. and this double standard makes sense, doesn't it? most guys should be able to restrain a girl without hurting her or actually hitting her.

plus, theres a reason why theres so much attention on violence against women, because there ARE a lot of violence against women, especially domestic. if those guys would stop hitting girls then there wouldnt be such emphasis in society about how men cannot hit women.

ps its the guys' fault that women hitting men isn't considered as an issue. when a guy can't restrain a girl and gets beat up by her, he's too mucho and embarrassed to report it. If you don't report it, then how do you expect people to see it as a problem?

  capslockisgood  |  19

He said "teen girl", generally people who aren't fully grown are not as prominent in fighting as those who are. Also, USUALLY, females are not as strong as males. USUALLY. Calm down everyone.