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Everyone needs a little pussy in their life

What a catastrophe


Everyone needs a little pussy in their life

I defiantly agree. Double thumbs up if I could

It's definitely, not defiantly. Two COMPLETELY different meanings.

#3 Agreed!but seems like OP got too much pussy to handle :O

There's no such thing as too much pussy.

@13 If you were trying to spell 'definately' or 'definatly' or whatever, those words do not exist

Definitely means absolutely Defiantly means going directly against and authority's instructions. And you apparently didn't know this.

That's a whole lot of pussy.

You're not lion, she's got a lot of pussy. It's better than her getting drunk and being a cheetah.

Ya it is haha

#31, you have won the pun-ger games!

How is this a problem?

You need to find some people to make into exes before its too late

I think that's better than a lot of things I've done drunk XD but that still sucks. FYL.

What a catastrophe

If you get an opurrtunity to use cat puns use them cause they leave people feline good. sorry in advance..

i'm horrible at puns. i guess the cat's got my tongue.

You are a bad ass

I fail to see this as a bad thing.

This is not an FML. This is a MLA, My Life's Awesome!! Cats are the best.