By alyssabree42 - 04/08/2012 06:56 - United States - Estacada

Today, I learned that when you hear a bump in the night, it's best not to check your parents' room. Some things cannot be unseen. FML
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Oh dear God. That is why you just accept your fate and wait for the monsters to eat you.

Sounds like you heard bumping uglies.


Just like my name is Earl.

My Name is Earl was a tv show.

I feel bad for Dodge, he was just try to save his mom

krmc822 6

I love that show

People are only thumbing this down because they don't get the reference...

yeah I don't get why that was thumbed down so much... maybe those people couldn't fight off the wolfman.

Should of joined in ;)

#115: One of the features of world languages are that certain areas have different word usage. The difference between 'should have' and 'should of' is dialectal, and both are acceptable. The correct, grammatical, way of writing it is 'should have'. But the spoken and written languages are different. In a few places, including the area where #95 is from, 'should of' is the common way of saying it. Therefore, tits of GTFO.

Sounds like you heard bumping uglies.

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And boom goes the dynamite

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Something went hump in the night?

I actually can relate to this story. I know exactly what they feel and it's very disturbing. FYL OP, and mine as well.

When your a parent are you not going to have sex with your spouse? Sorry but just cause you happened to have baby during a bumping uglies night doesn't mean you will never have sex again after... Mommies and daddies need special alone time at any age.

Osito2011 9

Well now, seems like someone doesn't get the joke and ruined it for the rest of use. Thanks 81 for putting your two cents of no sense of humor in.

If you still live with your parents, then let them figure out what the bump is in their house! Why would you explore?

Braxton_84 3

Same thing happened to me 20 years ago when I was just 8 years old, and I still remember the image... OP is not lying in saying some things cannot be unseen. (shudder)

Oh dear God. That is why you just accept your fate and wait for the monsters to eat you.

Or for the serial killer to get you in your sleep.

Aug1508 9

Op should have knocked first.

Was OP wearing night vision goggles?

#44 not everyone is so ugly that they have to turn the light off during sex

That was the humor in it though, and most people do turn off the lights anyway.

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And that's when he saw Freddy Kreuger and his parents in a threeway

Snackycake 20

#53, That sounds like a fantastic idea for a Halloween porn.

That happens to everyone at some point in their lives.

Wait a minute...they told me they were wrestling :(

Zoh_Aubrey 8

Were they in costumes? 0.o

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So far, I've managed to avoid that.

Happened when I was about 8 years old

Hell no not me I know when to stay in my room :)

I can only imagine what I would have seen if I walked in on my parents doing humpty dumty. *shudders*

It's only called the "Humpty Dumpty" if they're getting busy in a Burger King bathroom.

I_Hug_Cats 26

curiosity killed the cat? what if it was a serial killer? s:

Curiosity killed the cat, but his satisfaction brought him back

Run in and slap your dad on the ass!


Bad idea. Gross idea. Nasty idea. Wrong idea. Perverted idea. Everything EXCEPT for a good idea.

I know others are going you thumbs down, but that was funny lol

7- I'll mail you $10 Canadian dollars if you're dumb enough to do that. I suspect if I tried that, after my dad punches my ticket for me I can expect a lot of therapy sessions. :p That's nasty, tasteless, immature, and just plain idiotic. :p

It's from some stupid comedian who talks about wanting to going back in time to when he was conceived and slap his dad on the ass. Not funny, obviously, but I thought I'd tell you guys what 7 was likely referencing.

33- Ah, I had no idea. My apologies for my rudeness, YoureJellyBro. :(

That is just plain nasty

Don't apologize, 40. Your rudeness was very called for.

83, no it was a reference just like the my name is earl one that no one understood

#7 I will also give you $10 canadian dollars if you do that! I wouldn't but you might!

sugarglitterkiss 4

I wonder what his reaction would be to that hahahahah!

Just like Dane Cook!

Ugh, sorry you had this see that, OP! But to be fair, they are husband and wife... It's not surprising they have sex. Plus, how do you think you were born?

The stork brought me! ...right? Or am I missing something?

Growing up, I thought my mom ate a seed and I grew in her belly from it. Ugh! now that thought is disturbing to think of my own mom swallowing seeds.:P

"And that's the story of how you were born!"

I figured I was adopted

I know how i was born but that doesnt mean i wish to see the re-enactment.

I thought parents could just wish for the baby then the wife suddenly got pregnant. Now I know they do something a little different than wishing...

Ok. 1. if they have a child in the house, I don't believe try should be doing that. 2. Duh they were born by their parent doing it, but that doesn't mean they need to know that. (if they are young enough to not to know what sex is)

I would say YDI for not knocking, but your parents didn't lock the door. Also, If you didn't hear anything upon going in, I'd say your dad needs a few pointers.

Many people don't have locks on their doors. I know my house only has locks on the outside doors. There comes a time when parents probably assume their kids' aren't dumb enough to barge into a closed room without knocking.

Maybe their parents need to put a captain's hat on the door knob.

#35- Well if you're really concerned about someone walking in you can at least jam the door shut with a chair or something.

There is this saying, "Don't teach your dad how to...".

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Cool story bro