By Drim - Canada
Today, I learned that there is a limit to being thrifty. For example buying a pan from the dollar store is most likely going to cost a lot more than a few dollars. Especially when it melts all over your stove which you now have to replace. FML
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  cxal_fml  |  0

If you don't know how to speak English, and you obviously don't if you are unfamiliar with a common word like thrifty, try getting yourself an English dictionary.

By  shanster  |  3

did you even look at the pan before you bought it? It's pretty obvious to tell if its MELTING material. YDI for being stupid and cheap.
We're in a recession, not the 2nd great depression.

  PJW  |  0

"Sue the bastards!" was my first reaction, too, but then I realized that there *isn't* any kind of metal that would melt on a regular stove. It had to have been a plastic toy, or other non-pan thing that OP tried to use as a pan. FYL for not being able to tell cookware from non-cookware.

  sonic19951  |  6

There IS a metal that can melt like that. Its that type of metal they use for prank spoons. The one where you stir something with and half the spoon dissapears(melts/ dissolves in drink) when you take it out.