By chessgeeksam - United States
Today, I learned that the surprise party thrown for my girlfriend's 19th birthday was wonderful and she couldn't be happier. Except that I didn't show up. Apparently 40 people were invited but I wasn't one of them. We've been going out for three years. FML
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By  Bubs_fml  |  0

Okay, you've been dating for three years so you should know her birthday. There's no reason to expect an invite from your girlfriend to be at her birthday party - it should be kind of a given that you'll be there with her. Epic fail.

By  WeStayCrunk24x7  |  0

#4 u are an idiot. By not invited he meant that he didnt know that that the party was happening, not that he was expecting a letter or phone call invite. Also never say epic fail again

By  tiger69  |  0

#4, you are the dumbest person ever. His gf didn't invite him because she didn't know it was happening. He had no idea that it happened. It has nothing to do with him being a bad boyfriend. His girlfriend's friends suck.

By  UltimateIdiot911  |  0

Maybe her friends are aholes and decided to make up an excuse about why he's not there?

but yeah, those are very bad friends of her. I would be piss if I found out my gf's friends threw a surprise party and not tell me.