By achoo-plop - 30/11/2015 01:17 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, I learned that the only way for me to have a complete bowel movement is to blow my nose at the same time. However, I learned this while standing in my girlfriend's kitchen. FML
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Obviously something wrong with your wiring.

I think you blew out the wrong hole.


ChaiseT 16

Shitty situation

Oh no you didn't... wait for it... here it comes... the barrage of down-voting... you totally deserve it too

Scrolling through the "shitty situation & blow puns comments" and missing the times when people wrote things that had meaning- whether it be constructive criticism, a witty joke, an insightful observation, or just really helpful advice.

A07 48

Could say that about your choice of attire too but I won't

the real question is how did we come to all this. are we all eternally doomed to have the very first thing be "shitty situation". have we, via sentience, developed past the point of cleverness into idiocy?

mds9986 24

Regardless of downvotes this should always be the first comment on a poop FML. Thank you.

I think you blew out the wrong hole.

Obviously something wrong with your wiring.

You might wanna get that checked out bud.

Well, now that you know the trick you can ensure you perform it in the right place at the right time... silver linings and all...

OP, maybe do what I do and keep the tissue box right on top the back of your toilet. Killing two birds with one stone is something people always seem to favor.

you might want to call a plumber. those are some serious piping issues.

"Honey I have to use the bathroom, hurry I'm about to sneeze!"

This may explain the origin of the phrase "blow it out your ass." I think this will give a very graphic mental image next time I hear it. So very sorry for you OP!