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  alliewillie  |  22

That's more than once a minute. I would HATE sitting through your lectures.

On another note, one of my current professors does this, except he goes "ehhh?"


Ahem. Excuse me 40 but... Not being mean or disrespectful in any way to avoid reading a ridiculos amount of negative naive comments... Is it not a possiblity that Mr.Garrison was talking to Mr.Mackey, not just saying his own name?

P.S i need you all to watch tosh.o on tuesdays, South Park on Wensday, the mentalist on thursday and Terra Nova on Monday....
P.S.S. QUADAFFi is dead and i saw his bloody dirty body on national television (courtesy of CBS) but not a single pic if osama yet... Burial at sea, great idea
Ruining a 64 million dollar blackhawk helicopter in the process (no casualities i think) and allowing to let chinese examine our high-tech

Please excuse me 4 never shutting the f... Up but last but not least............ I forgot but i gotta sleep anyway so F U NIGZZA!!!!
(sorry actual nigzzas :( ))


Wow the above comment includes not only a kind perspective but also world news and political views!!!!!!!! Someone should give this guy a medal and not send the FBI for talking about the blackhawk helico--------(frozen in stupidity) pters an---(stunned at sight of M1 Carabine in face) BOOOOOOOM!!! TITTAY SHOT!!!!'


I spent 20 min typing my first comment and it was wawesome and unless it gets put back up FML. (i talked about bin laden, quadaffi south park the mentalist terra nova tosh.o
Blackhawk helicopters and other things combined into 1 juicy comment full of knowledge)

By  falloutboylove7  |  0

lol we used to do that to my chem teacher to see how many times he would say mmm-kay during class and every period would do that.. it was over 100 in just my 40 min class but after he got comfortable with us sinxe he was new it wasnt as frequent