By lessimportantthanatable - 15/11/2017 12:00 - United States - Northfield

Today, I learned that the new granite countertop in my parents' house cost $12,000. Coincidentally, this is also the amount of money I would have needed to go to the college of my dreams instead of the cheaper school I currently attend. FML
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Lobby_Bee 17

Which school you went to doesn't define you, it's what you do that defines you.

AzrielB 8

You're not entitled to your parents' money just because they're your parents, if anything you owe THEM. Plus, 12k is probably only for one year.


Lobby_Bee 17

Which school you went to doesn't define you, it's what you do that defines you.

Evidently repetition defines you

exileonmainst 16

12000 dollars for a countertop?! Does it cure cancer?

My parents put an addition on the house the year I started school... Thank Satan for loans!

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thank you!! -someone whos parents were dead before higher education.

Actually, it could depend on someone's age and where they live. Where I live, parents are legally responsible for the child until they're 21-25(not completely sure which, but it's in the 20s). As such, if they live in one of those areas, it's up to the parent to pay for the child's college. Not the child if they're within the age range.

legally responsible is making sure you have a roof and food, higher education is optional and not the parents responsability

While I do agree, Parents do need to help educate their children on the costs of getting a higher education. I also believe its my responsibility as a parent to help them make that step by providing some financial support in the beginning. I made my child, I need to make them prepared. But by OP'd standards, it seems as though they're fully/partially paying for his/her schooling, just not for the one they wanted to go to. Whats OP's Major? I mean, there's a big difference between Musics/Graphic Design and Programming/Doctorates. This is most definitely something that OP should have begun to work towards earlier in life. I started working at 16; My husband started at the same time and worked full time with full time school too. You do what you can!

i chose to go to university (i live in Aus), therefore its my responsibility to pay for my degree. i was at uni from 17 - 21 years old. i do not understand why parents are expected to pay for something their children (as ADULTS) choose to do.

AzrielB 8

You're not entitled to your parents' money just because they're your parents, if anything you owe THEM. Plus, 12k is probably only for one year.

12K for one year? Aside from community colleges, I don’t know of any colleges that are less than 12K per SEMESTER!

on that note, in Quebec,Canada is about $3000 / year from what I hear, and of course in Europe it's free.

KrazyKatz3 26

It's only free in Scotland actually... not all of Europe. We pay about 3 grand a year in Ireland.

No they don't owe their parents a thing other than not being a fuck up which it seems OP is trying to avoid.

No, parents don’t own their kids anything. But I can’t imagine what kind of a parent would choose a new counter top instead of helping their kids with their education.

The university of Utah charged me around $3000-4000/semester. Most of the intermountain west (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona and New Mexico) schools are around that price range. I got my entire civil engineering bachelors degree for $32k.

AzrielB 8

My college, before scholarships, is 45k per year. Unless it's Trump University, employers stop caring about your Alma Mater after your first real job. A fancier school is temporary, don't take it for granite.

The thing is, OP states he's still going to a college/uni, but not the one OP wanted to go to. So they are paying for a higher education. Most likely still costs a whole lot, but OP doesn't get what he picked. What if OPs parents knew what they picked it didn't need the higher costing school for OP to obtain the education. There's some schools that cost more just because it's a University (rather than a college)

OP is getting higher education paid for. They're just not wanting to spending the high-cost for OPs preferred University.

The kind that thinks folks should fund their own life

Maybe your parents think their going to get a better return-on-investment from the countertop than on furthering your education. They’ve known you for 18+ years, so they have done their due diligence on you.

No the parents are not obligated to pay for school for their kid, but if they have the money to spare, it is pretty common to at least give it to the kid as an interest free loan. And nothing says "money to spare" like wasting thousands of dollars on a luxury that isn't even fun or productive. I mean if the parents spent the money on their own dreams (hobbies or careers), that's more important than OPs dreams. A counter should not be more important to them than their kid's dreams.

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They gave him or her a 18 year expired

Sorry but it is not really the responsibility of the parents to send you to college.

julfunky 29

I dream to one day have granite countertops.

TeachAllTheMath 19

College for 12k! That does sound like a dream!

Go to a university in the intermountain west. They only charge around $3000-4000/semester. The community colleges are around $1500/semester. I got my civil engineer bachelors for about $32k at the university of Utah.

East coast public schools are pretty good too! In-state tuition for SUNY / CUNY 4-year schools is around $7,000 per year. Community colleges are even less!

Shhh you actually figured it out, these kids want to complain

TeachAllTheMath 19

Odds are those aren’t the colleges of his dreams though.