By Broccolliboyy - 18/06/2013 06:35 - United States - Colfax

Today, I learned that the money I work hard for on YouTube has been transferred to the wrong person's banking account. That person is my ex-girlfriend. FML
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YouTubetter figure that one out.

Make a youtube video about it xD


YouTubetter figure that one out.

Think you tried a bit too hard on that one.

It wasn't that bad.

Seriously, actually pretty clever. You /tu/ better. Give him some credit

*her ^, and thank you.

I actually laughed. Then again I'm loopy from lack of sleep so how can I judge if it was actually funny? :D

Hahaha. On any other day I might find this corny but I thought that was pretty good.

*clap* *clap* hats to you m'am

The last of us sucks

I got so lost in this thread i forgot this FML was about youtube, till i started reading other comments below

Sue them.

For what? Accidentally putting money in the wrong account? That lawyer is gonna laugh your ass out of his office.

#2 wtf look at her biography. She is working in the pornindustry?

You can't just sue for everything -.- Before you know it, people will sue fast food chains for making their kids fat and they'll win.....oh wait....

yay let's all judge each other on job occupations -_-

How did this land as a top comment?

A lady sued a fast food chain company for not putting a disclaimer that their coffee can be hot on their cups.

'Murica #RetardedSociety RT asap #sarcastic #FailedSystem

How about getting the money back from the ex-girlfriend. If it was the OP's work, she has no right to be able to keep it. Maybe that's whom #2 was referring to?

#45 don't judge every American as if they're all the same. It's incredibly ignorant ;)

@44 - I thought the case was that the coffee was well above the normal temperature for coffee and that particular store overheated for the sake of speed, not keeping up with regulations. Last I checked, it was a fairly legitimate case aside from the 'OMG WHY U NO WARN ME?' premise.

I agree. The whole "Americans are all the same and they all suck" thing is getting a little tired. It's almost as if the people saying it are as ignorant as they claim "'Muricans" are.

Ignore me, McDonalds just wanted to keep their coffee hot for commuters. Wikipedia, fuck yeah. However, still a legitimate case in my eyes.

#49, #51 don't worry I know that not all Americans act and think this way, I'm just playing on vicious stereotypes for comedy and to get a point across, no hard feelings :) and btw you may have missed my #sarcasm hash tag...

point taken #55 :)

# 44 That' wasn't what the lawsuit was about at all... She sued them because the coffee she got at McDonald's spilled and was so hot it gave her 3rd degree burns all over her thighs and melted her labia shut.

sometimes I wonder if people just go looking for things to sue over. Hey this coffee cup doesn't say the contents are hot, I think I can sue for that, or hey my kids getting pretty plump I am sure I can sue the fast food chain for not warning me fast food isn't healthy for children. I am almost sure these people hunting for legal cases are in every country too.

@68 - Anybody with a brain could see that the spilling was her fault. HOWEVER, the reason she had a case is because it was argued the coffee was made unnecessarily hot and deemed potentially threatening to customers. The lawyer did an excellent job of making it clear the burns could have been less severe or avoided had the coffee been at a lower temperature.

For those of you commenting on the McDonald's coffee. First of all, it was a class action suit, not one lady. Also, McDonald's was making the coffee too hot because they wanted it to be the right temperature after the work commute. They were repeatedly warned and ignored those warnings. Also, the amount of money awarded in the lawsuit, although it seems a large amount, is the amount the company made off of one day of coffee profits at the time. Please do your research before you comment like this. I have been a longtime reader and made the account just to post this reply because this is a big pet peeve of mine. The news doesn't usually present the whole story. Thanks for listening to me rant!

Because suing Google will work out great for you.

@69 - 1.) It wasn't necessary to mention the warnings for my purposes, so I didn't. 2.) I corrected myself afterwards on the commute aspect. 3.) Want me to stay over tonight? I can make sure you wake up on the right side of the bed. All jokes aside, thanks for the summary.

The amount they make in coffee sales in one day? That judge must've been into poetic justice.

So im the only one who has a shotgun sues everyone rides a tractor and complains minorities take our jobs?

-shudders- Oh, my ladybits hurt just thinking about that...

the full story about the woman suing over the hot coffee is not as outrageous as it might seem. it was an older woman and she was handed a cup of coffee in a drive-thru that wasn't just hot, it was scalding hot. the lid on the cup was not fastened properly and as a result the drink dumped down her front when she tried to sip it. she ended up in the hospital with 3rd degree burns and needed skin grafts to fix it. she only sued (and i think justly so) to cover her medical costs. it was not just some frivolous lawsuit where some idiot burned their tongue. she actually had both a valid reason and case.

Yeah, McDonald's.

No this is not the case. At least not the popular one that most people refer to. The plastic cups that you get coffee in used to not have warnings on them saying "contents may be hot". Some "smart" lady decided to order coffee, put it in her lap, take the lid off, and pour in her sugar and creamer and such while in a car. The way I heard it was that her son was driving and he took off and the coffee spilled all over her lap and gave her some pretty severe burns. While it sucks that she got burnt, she should have taken some personal responsibility for being stupid enough to put open coffee in her lap in a car going through a drive thru. All hot coffees are hot enough to burn you if poured directly on skin while its fresh.

i have seen a documentary all about tort reform and insurance companies not paying claims in which not only was the case covered, they interviewed the actual woman it happened to! so yes, that IS the case. you say "the way i heard it" - im not just talking about some rumor or story i heard in which the actual details were more than likely mixed up and exaggerated. im using the details given in the first person account. and the court records for that matter. but believe what you wish. the things you hear from a friend of a friend of a friend who knows a guy who heard are incredibly realible and almost always totally accurate.

..and also - who adds the sugar and creamer themselves while in the car? they do that for you when you order.

112 did a great job of replying to 111's comment. Couldn't have said it better. Just wanted to add that 111 should do a search for the pictures of the "third degree burns" that the coffee caused and then come back with another comment about a frivolous lawsuit. Normal coffee doesn't give you burns this severe.

@44 That's because the coffee was at an incredibly high temperature, one where a contract for just a couple second caused a hospitalized 3rd degree burn, and the coffee was made so hot to save time on letting it cool. That's worthy of the cost of medical expenses EDIT Oops, didn't see the debate above. My bad.

I thought that the coffee was that you got free refills but to make money they kept them super hot so you didn't have time to drink it and get a refill.

Oh, yes. This realy sucks.

No shit, Sherlock

Your spelling also realy sucks.

Maybe you should get a real job to earn money. Must be a hard life.

If he loves what he's doing and he's making money from it, why shouldn't he do it? You don't have to wake up miserable to have a "real job".

nigahiga's salary goes up to 6 figures. He pays for the house he films in. Dtrix (theDOMINICshow) recently bought a lotus evora, a $100,000+ car. How is this not a real job...?

I was totally gonna say that. I'm busting my ass at customer service while little asshole over here is making videos. pussy.

You're just jealous that you can't make a living by making videos. Not everyone can do it.

Quit bitching 14. At least you've got a job

Or maybe you should broaden your horisons and realise that the concept of a "real job" has somewhat diminished to a large extent and that people are free to spend their life how they see fit.

#14: You work indoors with A/C? Try working a real job doing labor out in the sun.

14- if you don't have to do heavy lifting for 8-10 hours, then stop complaining.

Pewdiepie spends up to 15 hours a day making videos. 2 hours of playing the game, and then many more editing the game. And he does multiple vids a day. Editing hours of video a day isn't exactly fun. Youtubing can be a lot of work. Don't think it's all play.

What exactly is a real job? Providing services and getting paid for it. Sounds like a real job to me.

it is a real job -_-

He is providing for himself and not take advantage of the government like some people do. I don't see how this isn't a real job.

If they're making money, how the fuck is it not a real job?!!

So you think the OP is a "little asshole" for earning legal money by doing something he loves? At least he's not selling drugs or collecting welfare as far as I know. And while customer service can be stressful, it's honestly not the worst field of employment in the world in terms of work ethics, at least you're not out in the sun all day and you get AC, and you're not putting your life at risk.

Wow, what a coincidence...

SOMEONE didn't get it! I can think of two possible scenarios: 1. He put his girlfriend's account in when they were still dating, for reasons that seemed reasonable then, and never changed it back, or: 2. His girlfriend changed it at some point when she had access to his account. Either way YDI, either for forgetting or for giving her access. I don't care if she's your girlfriend, a Google account has A LOT of private things on it.

35 - Sarcasm must be foreign to you.

39, it was bad sarcasm. FYI. Disclaimer: people aren't very good at detecting sarcasm, or they just hate the comment regardless if you try to explain yourself later and play it off as sarcasm. What's done is done.

Sarcasm doesn't translate well into text. Hard to read a sarcastic tone with little context.

just change where the money is going asap.. and talk to her. maybe she will be mature enough to give it back to you.

The money that you work hard for? Really? Listen princess, construction is hard. Being a police officer is hard. Being a soldier is hard. Being a fireman is hard. Making YouTube videos? Not so much.

He did not say it was a hard job. You can work hard at easy jobs.

If its so easy, why don't I hear more people talk about how rich they're becoming off YouTube?

I usually like your comments but not so much this one. When did the definition of a job become "a miserable place where money is earned." You can have fun with a job and earn money too. And coming up with YouTube videos consistently is harder than it seems. I've tried multiple ideas in the past.

I usually love your comments, but not this. Until you try something, don't talk shit about it. It's not as easy as it sounds. It's difficult and stressful and time consuming. No one said it was the most difficult thing in the world, but it does take hard work. And OP works hard at it because he's getting paid for it. I don't care if I get thumbed down for this. I just don't think people should judge other based on their occupation.

It may not be "hard" but it can be difficult. Finding the time to make the video, thinking of a topic for it, planning it out, making sure your equipment is set up correctly, and editing it can be tricky

You can't just record off your iPod and expect to get a decent salary, you have to put in a lot of hours and a lot of money in to recording software,editing,gaming software(makeup or whatever he does) to make money off of youtube. Its as difficult and honorable a job as any if you ask me (maybe not brain surgeon level though..).

#25 Oh, I didn't know working your ass off and having someone else get your paycheck wasn't a big deal. Excuse me then.

If he's putting a significant amount of effort and time into it, yes, he's working hard. Just because he's not chasing jaywalkers or in the Middle East doesn't mean he isn't putting a good amount of work into his craft. I bet you don't even know how much time it takes to make a professional video.

Well excuse me for trying to differentiate "hard work" from "working hard".

Generally 3-5 minutes per minute of footage unless you're using CGI in your YouTube videos. I have well over a hundred hunting, fishing and offroading videos up, the first few took forever, but with a little practice I can have 45 minutes (3 or 4 clips) of footage done in an evening after work.

You may have been trying to differentiate between working hard and hard work in your mind, but on the page it certainly doesn't come off like that. It comes off more as an attack for someone daring to think that he works hard at his job, which in your mind is easymode work. I used to love your comments. Witty, intelligent and insightful. Lately though, they've just been petty and bitter sounding IMO. Everything ok on the home front? On the job? I'd love to see the old DocBastard make a comeback.

Seems kinda weird that he's allowed to make comments you "like" but if he makes a comment people disagree with everyone jumps all over him. We're all free to comment as we please. Perhaps his comments are just that-his comments- and are not intended to entertain people.

You obviously don't have any concept of how difficult editing+shooting videos is on a regular basis. If it'snt a job than neither would jobs in Engineering, Architecture, Media Design, Web Development, or any other job that has you sitting staring at numbers on a computer monitor for 5 hours solid.

We helped a friend shoot a video project for his class. The video was only about 5 mins long but we took almost 2 weeks filming and editing. We had to travel to several locations in a day. It was definitely not easy to do.

67, I've seen that argument used a lot, but people also have the right to reply to any comment however they like. They're not "attacking" him, just putting down his argument. And at the same time I do see where Doc's coming from, as it's an enjoyable job compared to other harder ones (I've done a lot of video projects for school and personal enjoyment, and no matter how time consuming it is, I usually enjoy it more than working), but that doesn't mean OP can't be upset that he lost all his profit. Also I do agree that I miss the wittier comments. I'm not saying he's obliged to be that good a commenter, but naturally I'm gonna mentally rate him on a different scale.

Give DocBastard a break. He takes Coke bottles out of people's asses. That can't be easy.

48- Making YouTube videos can be extremely hard work... Some people spend more then 40 hours a week trying to make them selves successful.. Not to mention the money it takes to get started/continue making videos. It's basically a business on a smaller scale.

if we didn't have people doing the more entertainment based jobs we'd have nothing to distract/entertain us in our spare time. YouTube can be amazing for escapism when you're feeling low or bored.

I'm pretty sure Doc doesn't make his comments for your pleasure ... So if his comments are changing then just deal with it and find someone else to enjoy. He makes one bad comment and people start saying how disappointed they are in him. If he's changing then deal with it, and go read some older FMLs with his older comments. I would appreciate it if people reading this would stay mature and not start hating on me. That'd be nice.

And you being a dick? Apparently not so hard.

Well, based on your comment, 9, we can now all safely confirm that being an asshole isn't a hard job, either. You seem to be doing a great job of that.

YLS....sue & get your money back !

just a tip, it's usually shortened to just FYL... don't ask me why. YLS just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Make a youtube video about it xD

How does that even happen? Time to change all of your passwords!