By Anonymous - 28/09/2009 15:01 - United States

Today, I learned that the gap between the elevator and the 6th floor landing of my apartment building is approximately one key's width wide. FML
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I love the way the OP worded this.. genius

You obviously missed what the OP is saying #1. She dropped the key, which fell through the crack, and is now lost down the elevator shaft. I can't believe I had to explain that. Btw, if an ant is traveling at 1 m/s, that ant is moving insanely fast. 1 cm/s is more likely. Nice attempt at being clever, though.


Wow, what did you do with this information? Did you calculate the time it took for an ant to cross it going at 1m/s?

^ yes because that wasn't obvious...

'obviously didn't get it' well OBVIOUSLY you are a cretin and OBVIOUSLY you cannot decipher sarcasm. you have an IQ of 3, pity it takes 5 to grunt.

You both OBVIOUSLY have no life.

lol @ #27, #33 not too smart there, eh?

hahaha nice #1... dealing with physics is always fun lol

Thank you Labamba for "stating the obvious" as the one dude is saying, cuz otherwise I would've never understood this FML :D

labamba wrote: "I don't waste my life talking to shitheads like yourself." Well well well... it just so happened to be that you replied to repyourcliche's comment, so as it turns out, you just talked to a "shithead." Owned. Learn to control yourself.

LOL xD @bud. Np!

Hey guys, just remember: Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.

redjester23, you are awesome xD

I would be pretty scared if an ant could travel at 1 m/s.

Haha. I think bordingdude23 was one one of the ONLY people that noticed the first person said "1 m/s", which would be ridiculous. LOL. And guess what, I don't care if you noticed it, too. Just that boringdude23 said something about it while everyone else was arguing made it funny.

Actually, sarcasm can be pretty hard to detect when it's in text. Also it's hard to detect when the person being sarcastic fails to convey it well.

Lol I love how this became such a hot topic. No, I'm pretty sure I'm not retarded (btw that's a horrible thing to say xD) and the fighting stopped. It's human nature to defend yourself (she's still an ass) And thank you sheheartsthings. In texts and ims you lose the tone so you can't tell when someone is being sarcastic if they don't convey it.

Eternity - Your comment's logic sucks. Are you saying that replying to a comment ONCE is wasting your life? That does NOT make sense. His second reply ended the conversation. So how did your comment "own" him? Again, I will state it: In the time of labamba's TWO comments against repyourcliche, he evaluated repyourcliche, and decided he will not further "waste his life" talking to him, because his opinion is that he is a "shithead". So I guess you're not right after all! :P

Wait, are you trying to say that labamba did NOT waste his time "talking to shitheads" , because your use of the word "further" implies that labamba already DID waste his time "talking to shitheads" but he just stopped. labamba may or may not waste his time "talking to shitheads," but I sure do! :P and I also waste other people's time. btw, you're not Spartacus, I'm Spartacus!!

thanks Zombie :D

I couldn't agree more. I think they should create a special page on where trolls can gather and kick the shit out of eachother, leaving the rest of us in peace.

agree with redjester, of course :)

I read this twice today.

any one involved in this argument needs to take a good long look at how they spend their life.

how did you manage that? I'm guessing you dropped your key through the doors of the elevator

No, that isn't what happened.

Every time I walk out of the elevator (6th floor for me, too) while I'm holding my keys I'm always super paranoid I'm going to somehow drop them in the gap between the elevator and the floor. Sorry OP, fyl :(

I had to read this FML like 69 times to understand it. your comment helped :)

I love the way the OP worded this.. genius

Me too. Nicely worded lol

I agree with #13; this is very nicely-worded, and fresh FMLs like these keep the site interesting.

I disagree. There's no approximation here. The gap is PROVEN to be wider than the key. The OP is TRYING to sound smart, and seems to have fooled some of you fools, but not me. OP YDI for not having your key on a keychain or keyring like 99.99% of normal people.

Approximately is an excellent way to word this, because it could vary by how large certain keys are, the gap could be bigger than the width of the key in question, so on and so forth. She probably didn't measure how big the gap was, and average the size of all keys in the universe to be able to say it was 'exactly' the width of a key. Lets not try to be nitpicky next time. OP, that seriously fails.

kukopia you're taking it to literally. The point was it was very well worded. Just because the gap is wider than a key doesn't mean OP was trying to sound smart, it was just the way OP phrased it that made it funny.

I agree and disagree. He should have had a keyring but I think the FML is still cleverly worded. Clever wording usually makes these FMLs

Today, I realized that kukopia is a nitpicky, arrogant asshole, no more intelligent or noteworthy than approximately 75% of the FMyLife fanbase.

I second #47 all the way. :)

Motion carried. Next order of business?

agreed with you lot.

agreed with 41 kukopia, shut up.

That's why he said approximately dipshit.

Nicely put. And burn. FYL.

You obviously missed what the OP is saying #1. She dropped the key, which fell through the crack, and is now lost down the elevator shaft. I can't believe I had to explain that. Btw, if an ant is traveling at 1 m/s, that ant is moving insanely fast. 1 cm/s is more likely. Nice attempt at being clever, though.

I think you missed a little something in #1's post called "sarcasm".

thats still trying to b clever

#16.. you're an idiot, arnt you?

Sarcasm was present here, but that still doesn't mean that #1 understood what happened. It took me a minute to get this too...#1 may have simply thought that this was a dumb statement and therefore took it as useless information.

I did the exact same thing yesterday..

And I learned that the empty gap between your ears is approximately the size of.... oh, whatever.. OP you're retarded.

For dropping a key? Damn, we're all retarded. Not surprised.

Wow, #14 is quite a moron. Too dumb to get it, too petty and stupid to admit it's an awesome wording, huh? Well, be prepared for much fail ahead for you if you go on being this dumb.

I've nearly lost my school ID because of that little gap.

Wow fyl for being so bored that you measured yourer apartpments elevator gap. Reed a dictonary or somthing insted.

your fucking stupid.

how ironic...

So your telling the OP to read a dictionary, and you can't even spell? Maybe you should read a dictionary.

#24 *You're #40 So YOU'RE correcting #17's mistakes? Maybe you should fix your own first. Your - possessive. You're - you are.

#40 pick up a dictionary too its you're

You mean "it's." Its - possesive. It's - it is.

At least I can spell. I'm not the kind of person who sits here and looks for spelling errors all day.