By notcool - 15/09/2009 19:45 - United States

Today, I learned that my anxious and obsessive mother is going to drive three hours every weekend to attend a Johns Hopkins medical course on stress reduction. Why is this bad? I just left home for college and have enjoyed my last two weeks of freedom without her around. I attend Johns Hopkins. FML
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Wow...I'm a college student, and it would drive me INSANE to have my mother around that much. FYL.

oh god. she probably signed up for the course to spend more time with you. that sucks, I'm so sorry.


First! But seriously, that sucks..

Don't go to John Hopkins then?

Just ask if she heard of the burglar breaking into the John Hopkin student's house(and got killed with a sword) and tell her it's not safe :p

53, I think the OP means that she will hang around with him/her during those weekends... OP, if that is the case, that stinks- make some friends/plans fast so you can tell her you will have other obligations than just seeing her and just have lunch together or something

I used to smoke weed with johnny hopkins. you don't know anybody name johnny hopkins. it was johnny hopkins and sloan kettering, and they were blazing that shit up everyday.

jhu is my alma mater, and i know i'm gonna get ragged on for being picky... but i hate when people say 'john hopkins'. it's johnSSSSSssssssssSSSSSsssss.

step brothers reference ftw

Family bonding FTW.

u should be glad ur mother cares that much!! geez some ppl really need to think b4 they post!! so ungrateful...i would trade u mothers...alot of other moms rnt like that. n u cant spend 3 hrs a weekend w/ ur mother?! n its not like u have to even spend that much time w/ her since its a course n u'll have to focus... YDI 4 COMPLAINING U SELFISH JERK >.>

You're a moron. No, really, you are.

maybe there's a whole bunch more behind to the post...being quite harsh to your comment's now aren't you?

#16 Bull-fucking shit, my mom is a neglectful thieving cunt but I would keep her over an anxious and obsessive one any day of the week.

16: What are you, 12? Get off your self righteous high horse.

Wow...I'm a college student, and it would drive me INSANE to have my mother around that much. FYL.

I agree! I love having freedom in college.

yes, but it's still only a 10-minute drive. i'm sure if she's willing to drive 3 hours to and 3 hours back every weekend, she wouldn't shun the idea of making that extra little trip, lol.

Clingy bitch.

lol that's awful. :[ but at least you don't see her for 5 days out of the week? :]

oh boo hoo, is this really the biggest of your worries right now? its a good thing, maybe she'll stop being so obsessive after taking the course

Actually, sounds to me like the course is an excuse to go see the boy. Really? There wasn't anything even a little closer than 3 hours at a place that doesn't just happen to be your child's new college? FYL dude, your mom can't deal with ENS.

It doesn't have ANYTHING to do with hating their mother...but there are boundaries that mothers need to respect. When I was in the States to visit my husband's FAMILY while he was in Iraq and I didn't pick up the phone ONE time because I had a jetlag and was asleep...what did my mother do? Try to break open the door to our apartment "to find another number to call"...which is complete bs because I had given her my mother-in-laws address and phonenumber... Some mothers just can be psycho every now and then. I didn't want to see her for a while once I found out...that doesn't mean I hate her.

MUMSgash: It has nothing to do with hating or disrespecting her. All OP wants is some damn space, for christ sake.

wow u dont wanna hang with your mom? whats wrong with you she went through alot of pain to get you show more respect

That was her choice to go through with that 9 months before. She should've said no.

#11 ur an ass wat if ur mother decided to have an abortion w/ u?? or nvr to sleep w/ ur dad then u wouldnt be here blaming the mother 4 doing what she should! raising her child n being a good mother. that is just plain selfish.

Learn proper English. Also, if my mom got an abortion she would've made the right choice for everyone except me when I was a fetus, and I don't care about fetuses before they have concious minds.

inconvenient_gurl: You don't know anything about the OP and their family, so stfu. What part of "OBSESSIVE MOTHER" don't you understand? It's not disrespectful that OP wants their space. Learn to type; no one can read your fucking comments. FML is fucking with comments again :/

Comment I was replying to was deleted, great.

Just stay in your room or go off campus when she's there. That REALLY sucks though. FYL.

oh god. she probably signed up for the course to spend more time with you. that sucks, I'm so sorry.

look on the bright side. you two can have some mother - daughter time! get to know each other more!!! .... FYL