By notcool - United States
Today, I learned that my anxious and obsessive mother is going to drive three hours every weekend to attend a Johns Hopkins medical course on stress reduction. Why is this bad? I just left home for college and have enjoyed my last two weeks of freedom without her around. I attend Johns Hopkins. FML
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  reapfml  |  0

Just ask if she heard of the burglar breaking into the John Hopkin student's house(and got killed with a sword) and tell her it's not safe :p

  gigi37  |  0

53, I think the OP means that she will hang around with him/her during those weekends...

OP, if that is the case, that stinks- make some friends/plans fast so you can tell her you will have other obligations than just seeing her and just have lunch together or something


I used to smoke weed with johnny hopkins.
you don't know anybody name johnny hopkins.
it was johnny hopkins and sloan kettering, and they were blazing that shit up everyday.


u should be glad ur mother cares that much!! geez some ppl really need to think b4 they post!!
so ungrateful...i would trade u mothers...alot of other moms rnt like that.
n u cant spend 3 hrs a weekend w/ ur mother?! n its not like u have to even spend that much time w/ her since its a course n u'll have to focus...

By  sjks  |  0

oh boo hoo, is this really the biggest of your worries right now?

its a good thing, maybe she'll stop being so obsessive after taking the course

  BlueBomber  |  0

Actually, sounds to me like the course is an excuse to go see the boy. Really? There wasn't anything even a little closer than 3 hours at a place that doesn't just happen to be your child's new college? FYL dude, your mom can't deal with ENS.


#11 ur an ass wat if ur mother decided to have an abortion w/ u?? or nvr to sleep w/ ur dad then u wouldnt be here blaming the mother 4 doing what she should! raising her child n being a good mother.
that is just plain selfish.