By Eh.. - / Wednesday 5 December 2018 04:00 / Israel
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  26

It's a common sales tactic. Stick the cute people behind the counter, tell them to put on a smile, and throw in a little small talk, and it'll usually bring customers back for more. If you find yourself in this situation again, wait for them to make a move, because chances are it's just business.

By  Venom1999  |  19

Same thing happened to me at a frozen yogurt place. Girl there told me to come in more often because she got bored and even gave me her Snapchat. First time I ask her out, she says yes, but cancels without telling me because her mom "gave her chores to do".

By  donb23  |  23

Oh you're one of those people. I have nephew who was in the same situation and thought the girl was "into him". I had to explaine to him that it was the young lady's job to smile and be friendly to everyone. He did not belive me and asked her for a date to which she responded "No thank you".

By  MitiMiki  |  13

Just because somebody is nice to you doesn't mean they want to date you. At least you tried. Don't let this rejection stop you from attempting. If you really like this girl, maybe consider trying again. "Are you sure you wouldn't like to go out sometime?". If she says no, accept it and move on. You don't have to. be mad or hurt. She has her reasons. Maybe she has a boyfriend.

By  Eh..  |  3

OP here. Thanks for the comments! even though some of you are dicks. To clarify to some of you: I understand that being polite and nice are a servers obligation, I was a server myself! Now the thing is with this specific barista that she was -overly- friendly, as in extremely uncommon occurance in my life with servers, I wasn't much of a regular client, I'd buy a coffee here and there, but everytime she saw me enter the station, even without approaching her to buy anything she'd, wave at me. The small talk is also uncommon for me as I usually get what I need, say the obligatory thank you, and leave, mostly no server develops small talk, so at first it felt extremely weird.
And I wasn't 'hitting' on her. I was having a polite conversation with her, at some point I said fuck it and asked for her number. She said no, I said sure, was way more awkward for me.

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