By jzappe - 11/10/2011 03:34 - United States

Today, I learned that it takes about half an hour to get melted cheese out of your hair. FML
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Why was there melted cheese in your hair to begin with???

its not easy being cheesy..


Why was there melted cheese in your hair to begin with???

Why is there a picture of a guys head up something's butt in the first place?

its not easy being cheesy..

Maybe she got raped by that stringy cheese guy?

What was the guys name and how much "cheese" got in your hair?

12, his head isn't actually up it's but.... And it's from " epic fail"... Learn to laugh a little :)

I know how to laugh, I just thought it was weird

It's called a joke! Look it up... I didn't mean that literally, it was another joke, just so u kno

how long does it take for non melted cheese?

32, what are you talking about?

Normal cheese would not even stick. Molten cheese is a different story

I'll be guessing op had a pizza food fight

Mmmmm... cheese.

fondu party wrong?

Next on your to-do list: - Find out how long it takes to get gum out of hair.

How the cheese got into OPs hair would determine whether this is a YDI


26 duzint kno wat a joke is... And I was making sure they took it as a joke so this conversation wouldn't haf 2 happen again. Ok, dick?

Awesome cheesy foreplay?

From-unda cheese strikes again

Haha that sounds delicious ;)

I would ask how you melted cheese in your hair but I don't want to sound stupid! Hahaha

Sounds like a redditer to me

One grilled cheese sandwich with a side of hair, comming right up!

Martha! She's at it again!

Would you like fries with that? :P

Not as bad as getting gum stuck in your hair!

10, that'll cost you an extra $50 and i want it up front.

Why do you have shit in your hair?

YDI until valid reason for cheese being in your hair is presented.


Oh get over yourself ZeallFeel - you are probably technically correct and the use of the word 'ironically' has been misused here, but does it REALLY matter? We all understood the point that was being made... It seems to me that you were just keen to show off how clever you are. Well, I don't think you're clever at all, I think you're a bit of a tool.

Stoopid, u r. Mi licke use not good engles.

Was this an attempt to get cheap highlights in your hair?

How the hell did that happen....

Get your boyfriend/girlfriend over and get them to "lick it off". Get some extra melted cheese as well!

"Ooh, baby, come suck my hair." 'Cause that sounds like an irresistible proposition.

If it involves cheese, then it's irresistible...