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By  species4872

Ahh the cat's grandmother.

By  species4872

Ahh the cat's grandmother.


Fuck that shit! I am taking today to unwind and relax, and I can't do that with people, especially family, around. I'd also rather spend Christmas on the bottom of the ocean than with my mother.

Don't you just hate when your plans to unwind gets sabotaged by more or less well-meaning extroverts, who just can't be convinced that you enjoy the solitude? Oh, how I love being treated like a charity case.

I am torn here, because I am a loner (mostly), and on the other hand, would greatly welcome seeing my mother on an occasion such as Christmas (despite my general disdain for holidays). I mean ... being alone 100% of the time can't be good for your psyche. Do you not like your mother or something? Need more info. *sigh*

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