By wow - 25/11/2010 07:32 - United Kingdom

Today, I learned that I wasn't really allergic to chocolate. My parents made it up when I was a child because they didn't want me to get fat. FML
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....*thinks about it*.... That's actually genuis. I might do that when I get kids.

hahaha ah poor you, i can't even imagine a life without chocolate :)


hahaha ah poor you, i can't even imagine a life without chocolate :)


Oh noes! D: 20, now look what you've done! :/

ur parents are harshhhh

Yeah, OP, FYL. It's a lazy-ass move that's easier for your parents than actually providing good, healthy food and instilling healthy habits in you from a young age. There are a ton of other things that could make you fat; their plan was flawed and douchebag-y.

FYI, I knew Santa wasn't real, the toothfairy doesn't exist and that there are no angels when I was 5. I'm glad I did because I grew up without any impractical expectations. . .it's OK love you'll live, I didn't have chocolate until I was 12! And this is not an FML, you should be grateful you didn't turn out fat!

id do that to my child 

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The Tooth Fairy doesn't exist either?! NOOOOO! What kind of world do we live in?!!! :'(

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yayaye no one mentioned the easter bunny.... at least the bunny who brings chocolate still exists ;)

exactly! omg a childhood w/o chocolate?! what was halloween like for you?! #poorthing

Does the diet dr.pepper guy exist?? ;0

So what? Chocolate tastes like shi- No. I've never tasted shit so I can't and wont compare like a retard. Chocolate tastes really really bad anyway, I have no idea why some people are obsessed with it. YDI for thinking not eating chocolate is an FML. You totally need to go on MLIG and say: "My parents were awesome and didn't make me eat chocolate as a kid."

what type of chocolate have you been eating??? it's amazing, ever try a Godiva milk chocolate bar??

I'm not the type that turns away food for stupid reasons such as the look. I've tried plenty of chocolates and they all taste crap.

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I have never given my son chocolate except his 3rd b day. chocolate cake.

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I heard chocolate is supposed to make you feel good but it has no effect on me.

Look at all the chocolate loving fatties above. I don't like chocolate that much. I am healthy and fit :D

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Hahaha I love seeing how everyone reacts to something like this. It's not that big of a deal. I hate chocolate, and I'm fine. And personally, that's a good idea. I might try that >:]

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wow ur parents r geniouses but chocolate is soo good especially white chocolate bliss

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You get to discover chocolate for the first time OP and you'll remember it... I'm jealous.

Liking chocolate does not mean you will be fat. I LOVE chocolate, I just have to use something called self control, and only eat it in moderation. FYL for having parents that were too lazy to teach you that.

If you're American #79 then I can fully understand why you think chocolate tastes disgusting. You really are sold short over there on that front. Try some belgium chocolate (or swiss) and just eat a tiny bit. Really smooth and delicious

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I'm healthy and fit and still enjoy chocolate

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Vanilla is better.

Damn they're smart LMFAO

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Hahaha, look at Drake.

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how's this an fml? your parents HELPED you.

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OP: And apparently I'm still allergic to hot boys! D:

I love your picture :D

Scott Pilgrim cake? Mmm!

....*thinks about it*.... That's actually genuis. I might do that when I get kids.

lmao @ "get kids" are you planning on stealing some kids? lol

I'm up for stealing some kids! ;D

stealing kids, and then telling them they're allergic to chocolate, eh? ...Genius?

KiddNYC1O 20

4- You can run and tell that!... homeboy.

You can have my neighbors kid, she's always crying.

at leased ur not fat...

At least your picture's not fake. :O

KiddNYC1O 20

WTF! that was uncalled for... it's *least*!!

Oh damn. 27 is kinda feisty.

62, I was making a joke. >_>

heheh I don't mind...

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put your orange tits away........ewww

ur just jealous lol

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Nice one! But one question... Are you fat? Or slightly overweight? If you are, you should thank them.

Well no, because if OP is overweight, all that says is that the parents had a stupid plan that didn't even work.

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did it work?

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They were just looking out for you.

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There's a difference between trying to guide your kids to eat healthfully and lying to them about allergies because your idea of body image is out of whack.

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I would have had the nuts to still have tried it. wussy. ydi

Good parents would've committed to the lie. Find out what the kid is actually allergic to and put some in a batch. No allergies? Lace the candy with itching powder or hot sauce. Inject the kid with an EpiPen.

don't forget the laxitives....

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19 haha smart

that is one of the smartest parenting moves I have ever heard