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Today, I learned that I'm expecting twins. A boy and a girl. My husband, upon finding out about this, immediately suggested that we give them Star Wars names. But not Luke and Leia. Oh no. He wants to name them Darth and Vayda. And he is absolutely serious about this. FML
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You may as well have a lawyer on retainer for when they both want to change their names on their 18th birthday. Vayda is actually kind of cool. At least he doesn't want Yoda or Jar Jar.

Oh dear. Hope you told him where to shove those suggestions.


What an idiot

More like genius!

Well it has about as much genius as naming them Edward and Bella

Edward and Bella are nice names, separately. Use them together on twins, and you will subject the children to a lifetime of bullying and misery.

#67: Kimberly, Ashley, and Tracy were originally male names. Personally, I like them better as a man's name rather than a woman's. I know, call me strange.

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Perhaps they should try Dweezle, or Moon Unit. These are truely common names that have stood the test of time.

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There was a couple who named their newborn "7"... Yes, "7"... Not the word "seven".. The number "7"... Shame, shame!...

RedPillSucks 31

I dunno, "seven of nine, tertiary adjunct to unimatrix 0,1" was hot and sexy. I usually came by the time she fully introduced herself. to save further embarrassment, we just call her "seven"

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So were Raven and Kelly

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There was a guy I knew named "Cutter". I have no idea what his parents were thinking.

This reminds me of an older FML where the OP's husband wanted to name their child "Raindropp". Yes, with two Ps. I wouldn't mind unique names, if they were actually decent names.

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My mother had boy girl twins and named the boy phil and me (the girl) Gabrielle but everybody calls me Lil, like from rugrats. I personally would love to have a star wars name!!

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And like apple

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Why would your husband want to do that to his kids? Star Wars is already well in the past, so your kids will be stuck with weird names that no one understands the significance of.

Or Sheila for a woman in Australia

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I know a guy named Hardy Cox. No joke.

175- um excuse me? Just because something's from the 70s, does not mean people will not understand references from it. "Frankly, I don't give a damn" is still used today, is it not? Personally, I wanted to name my children Edward (it's a family name) and Isabella because I have always adored that name; but now I can't :(

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My 18 year old daughter wouldn't get a reference to "Gone With The Wind". A child born now would be starting school in 2017 or 2018 and that's 40 years after the first "Star Wars" movie came out.

Not Sheila and Bruce?

Um. yet still how ever many years later. WE STILL REMEMBER. and I guarantee. people always will. there are way too many awesome nerds and geeks out there who will never let it die! hail star wars! Mwa ha ha!! :}

I think Star Wars will be a movie that continues to be known; it's just way too awesome. I know I'm showing my children that when they're young... And they will love it... Seriously though; I think it will be remember mainly for how revolutionary it was. The technology in the movies were far beyond their time. Like how Psycho is remembered by being one of the scariest movies of its time (and that's more than 10 years older than Star Wars). If your teenager doesn't have a clue as to what "Gone with the Wind" is, tell her to watch 5 seconds of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" which I'm sure she's seen. They reference it by a corpse dipping his live wife and saying, "Frankly, I don't give a damn". It's at least still alluded to.

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Yeah, my daughter is 16 months old right now and she will DEFINITELY know Star Wars. I'm a huge fan of it and she'll definitely love it, just as she'll love all my other favorites (Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Never-ending Story) and of course a bunch of others. Just because some parents won't try and keep Star Wars alive with their kids, doesn't mean others won't too. Oh, and I'm also going to teach her about old game series too (Legend of Zelda, Mario, resident evil, metroid prime, pokemon etc) so she can learn of the classics. Btw, my daughter's name is Zelda, I shit you not.

Oh dear. Hope you told him where to shove those suggestions.

Preferably somewhere where the sun never shines

20 - good idea, but how do you plan on getting past the gates of mordor?

I don't, I do it the traditional way, taking the long way round with a filthy schizophrenic sad little "precious" rasping creature at the lead

#2 On a birth certificate?

Yeah, he can't force you to agree to this.

You may as well have a lawyer on retainer for when they both want to change their names on their 18th birthday. Vayda is actually kind of cool. At least he doesn't want Yoda or Jar Jar.

How about chewbucca? (idk how to spell that) anyway darth might not be a bad idea, if he has twins of his own he can call them Luke and skywalker, and everyday he can breathe "I am your father"

I was thinking C3PO and R2-D2? Halloween would more convenient.

Those kids would have an awkward childhood though.

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At least it's not Jabba and DaHutt

these are not the names you are looking for

Lmao #97 nice

There's a button for that.

It couldn't be Anna and Ken or Skye and Walker? Lol

Wasn't Vayda the name of the little girl in My Girl?

#145 Skye and Walker actually sounds pretty cool.

I think Vayda is a really cute name tbh. And I could see Darth working. Not together though. That is too much. Maybe name one each?

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Some people weren't meant to name children

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However, those same people often have interesting role playing in their sex lives. Have fun with that, OP.

Like that one guy who wanted to name his child Raindropp.

Honestly, I've always liked the name Anakin...

Darth is an odd name for a girl...however Vayda would make a great name for a highschool football star...

I would have thought it'd be the other way around... Vayda is kinda cool for a girl, I reckon

13, they were joking....

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A high school football star who became great because a. He spent so much time running away from people trying to beat him up because of his name, that he's the best running back in the country. or b. He spent so much time beating the crap out of people making fun of his name that he's the best defensive end/tackle in the country

I have never watched star wars in my life...

Get it done!

Then please refer to my picture for assistance.

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Don't worry, loloalltheway. You're not the only one.

Oh crap my picture didn't change.

I tried watching it but it was very boring. I don't get what's the big deal with those movies

The movies were technologically superior for the time they were introduced, and the story lines were sophisticated and fresh. The delivery probably seemed boring if you're not big on sci-fi, but it was a good series. It's like the Transformers of the 80s and 90s-minus the sexual innuendo and stupidly simple plot points (I'm looking at you, Michael Bay).

#14 why would I ever kill myself for not watching star wars and why would you say that? What is wrong with you?

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Be more open minded. Sometimes I will read or watch things just to be in the know how. You think I have watched Saving Private Ryan? No but I will just to stay informed

I watched them in the correct storyline order. The original three are much more interesting IMO if you know the back story.

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@50 - blasphemer!!!

Personally, Darth would be the guys name and Vayda the girls. You could call her Vay. Those are some pretty solid names, if I do say so myself! Lol

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You sir have not lived....

Hey, neither have I (: I tried watching Star Wars twice with friends, and both times they talked the whole damn time so I didn't really absorb any of it. Maybe I'll tackle it one day...

The force is not strong in you young one

I think it's a great story line. For me, I prefer to watch them in the order they were made; I love the way the new trilogy expands the backstory, but I feel that it's best to watch the original trilogy first.

I know I'll get thumbed down as seen in previous comments, but I also have never watched star wars and I don't want to... Unless the Family Guy version of star wars counts, but I only watched that because it's family guy...

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You're yet to live.

I approve this name selection. Sorry OP, nothing beats the epicness of Star Wars.

Inb4 some Star Trek dweeb comes in and comments. >_>

Actually, I'm more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan. But as far as epicness goes, Star Wars wins, hands down. :)

Star wars isn't that good. I'm not a fan of sci fi

instead of Star Wars name,how about Mario and Zelda.

I'm fine with Zelda. Mario is just awful though.

Link and Zelda would be better. Link and Zelda are not meant to be siblings. Just no.

Those would be pretty bad names. At least he didn't suggest R2 and D2.

Those are the nicknames.

Don't do it.