By Alwayshappens2me - 17/07/2009 23:09 - United States

Today, I learned that even when you put a sock on the door because you are having sex with your boyfriend, doesn't mean your mom won't walk in your brand new apartment for a "surprise visit." FML
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Amphysvena 11

actually, that's not true. i'm currently in college and the sign for having sex isn't a sock on the door. it's locking the damned thing.

And a sock on the door would help... how?


And a sock on the door would help... how?

Sock on the door means your getting laid and no1 can come in

Seti_fml 0

you obviously never had sex in college. a sock on the door is the international symbol of: people are getting it on in here, stay out.

mmm...i'm a little surprised by the number of people who don't know what the sock means. either they haven't been to college, or they were REALLY unlucky for four years...

Amphysvena 11

actually, that's not true. i'm currently in college and the sign for having sex isn't a sock on the door. it's locking the damned thing.

Just locking the door doesn't help when your roommate has a key to your dorm room :p

@ 7 & 11 I'm assuming I'm probably the same generation as OP's mom and I think the sock thing is fairly new. It used to be a tie on the door knob. A sock on the door knob just meant you were a slob

#1 Lock your door! #2 Ask your mom to respect your privacy and knock before entering regardless of if it's a suprise.

#15 very good :D 1) Never ever give your parents the key to your apartment. Only if you're on vacation and someone has to take care of the cats. Or plants. 2) Like #15 said, lock the damn door if you're fucking.

looool. what a weird habbit. :P

Chaith 16

This guy is right. For a roommate, a locked door tells them nothing.

DoomJeff91 2

Yeah, at my college, we'd use midgets. They'd stand outside and keep guard. It's again, one of those symbolic practices that we get used to.

MSJ91 1

Well, you could always push some furniture behind your door.

#15: If you live alone, a locked door is all you need. If you have a roommate, who has a key to your shared dorm room, you need some other symbol. A sock on the door has become a college way to signal your roommate not to come in -- somewhat less awkward than either calling to say "hey, I'm going to have sex for a while" or having him/her walk in on you. In this case, though, OP has his own apartment and his mom obviously isn't his roommate. More than that, it's a brand new apartment. Either he didn't lock his door, or the first thing he did when he got his new apartment was take a key to his mother. YDI, totally.

Hich17 0

#98 - stole the words right out of my fingers. L:ock>Sock.

cxal_fml 0

I never gave my mother the key to my apartment - the landlord let her in to my apartment a few times when I didn't want her in the building at all

dontpanic_fml 32

OP = Woman.

cxal - I think even in the US, the landlord needs to give 24 hours notice. Tell him not to break the law anymore. OP: install a door chain.

well first of when you say apartment i really dont emmidiatly think about college (maybe its just a wrong translation on my part since im dutch..) and secondly even in college they have locks on the doors.. ydi all the way

Well where my brother-in-law went to college the door doesn't have a real lock, it had a deadbolt sort of thing that anyone could just walk into your room in the middle of the night. His roommate had this creepy guy walk right into his room in the middle of the night and watched him sleep. The college is pretty ghetto though

that was fail man

Someone with unnecessary x's in their name posted an annoying comment. What a surprise...

kiran_fml 5

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UrFlyyness 0

wta symbol does the sock represent? do not disturb?

#1, a sock is sort of the universal collegiate symbol not to enter because someone is getting laid. however, it is more than likely your parents are not going to assume that off the bat...i would suggest locking the door in the future.

Terilyn4500 0

hahahah... why a sock... i thought it was a hat

I just assume any article of clothing on a door handle means "sex.. do not disturb."

Locks on your apartment door would help a lot! Number 2 you're an idiot.

See. Instead of taking the time to find a sock, make sure it's clean, head out to the door, open the door, shove the sock onto the door, close the door, open the door to make sure the sock is still on and close the door again, I would have just LOCKED THE DAMN DOOR

HAHA , theres a lot of different symbles . you hsould make a sign,

Haha sock? what will that do?