By meesa in big doo do dis time! - 13/06/2017 12:00

Today, I learned that all of my "friends" refer to me as the, "Jar Jar Binks" of our circle of friends. FML
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dope_mcfly 24

Yousa pathetic

Sounds like you need a new circle of friends


You know, there's a solidly built theory that Jar Jar is actually a secret Jedi master in the sense of "Drunken Monkey" style. How else can you explain such ridiculous "clumsiness" in day to day affairs but suddenly becomes frighteningly effective in combat? Hold your head high in pride, Gungan!

Sounds like you need a new circle of friends

dope_mcfly 24

Yousa pathetic

LostInTheZone11 29

So you're a goofy person who can be annoying but is actually a Sith lord in disguise?

So you're a hidden Sith Lord that will secretly topple the Republic and take over the world? Sounds good to me.

At least you didn't find out that we also call you "The Hemorrhoid." Oops...

Lobby_Bee 17

The most loveable character ever. Stand proud.

Well, Jar Jar Binks was George Lucas'a favorite character, and he is akin to a God of the Star Wars 'verse. In other words, they basically are saying that you are the favorite of some power that may be, or already is.