By losingit - 19/10/2010 04:30 - United States

Today, I learned I was adopted and that my parents had died in a car accident when I was really young. My girlfriend was sitting next to me when I got the news, and several hours later broke up with me in a text stating, "I don't want to be with someone who doesn't have real parents." FML
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FFML_314 11

That's when you tell her that you don't want to be with someone who's been banged more times than a screen door.

what a bitch, she clearly was't worth being with anyways. cheer up u will find someone better in no time.


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fits138 0

Wow. Guess even tho I'm a girl, I can't make those kinda jokes. My B. =/

FFML_314 11

Yes, it's crazy that the moderators aren't biased and don't favor the women.

fits138 0

Well we can talk about kicking a guy in the nuts all day on this site but I can't say WTF I said? Guess I should've worded my own reply differently. Someone might take it the wrong way.

FFML_314 11

I'm going to assume it was the words you used. Try not using such vulgar words.

fits138 0

I've seen worse. Oh well. I'm not going to get all butthurt over FML. Didn't even make it two minutes... haha.

KingDingALing 9

Fuck her, OP. Not litterally. She's a bitch and never speak to her bitch self again.

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Who's he going to tell? his parents? Lololol

49 people hate their lives

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parents should have taken defensive driving loloooool

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Thunderbender 2

At times like this we must ask WWSSD, What Would Slim Shady Do? Fuck slittin her throat! Cut that bitches head off!!!

29 - Well it really is stupid that the moderators don't flavor the women. They're still fighting for equal rights after all :/

brightnite 0

Only 1 thing to do. Pay off her parents to tell her she's adopted.

I hope you sent her on her way with a broken nose and a black eye. Wait I mean women are precious and no matter what we should take thier shit and abuse without laying a finger on them.

it's crazy we let you out of the kitchen

#104 i know right? moderators don't "flavor" women. i think they should. just imagine how much better women would be that way. mhhhhhhmmmmm... (-:,`

59 You are a bitch, I bet you raped ur parents when u were little

parents that adopted you are still real parents. and you still had real parents when you were young

100 reference to guilty concious WIN, I'm a massive eminem fan

Bettinatron 3

195- I thought everyone raped their parents when they were little.

sowhatursayingis 0

nice use of Guilty Conscience I love that song ( also throwing out that Slim Shady is Marshal Mathers who people know as Eminem and also that the songs by him) lol

Or ask your parents if they've seen your Hogwarts letter yet...

1. keep texts from bitch 2. show her friends, family, future bf, and post on any at all social networking sites she has. 3. ...... 4. profit!!!!

haha , this FML reminded me of Harry Potter , and how he's forced to live with those filthy muggles, and their bitches . just like this girl who made a bitch move by dumping the adopted boy , he's still an adopted boy just like an other unadopted boy . she just wasn't worth it

she just used it as an excuse to break up with you...

So wait, women get favored in damn near EVERYTHING else and y'all are trippin about getting moderated? Get fucked

On here no one cares

cecs603 1


guys are shallow. yes all of them. buy them pretty things and they will do anything.

#2 ur an asshole.... not all girls are shallow ur just to much of a dick to find the nice ones

my point proven modded by a girl

FFML_314 11

He said guys are shallow.

ah fml I did say giraffe but then a pot plant mod modded it to guy should of gave her something shitty.

FFML_314 11

No, I watched your comment come up and it's always said "guys are shallow" If one of the mods were going to correct that, I think they would have been a bit more clever. Accept your mistake.

*something shiny*

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Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

PlastikSeraph 2

mrfruits is FULL OF WIN!!!

Horde 8

My guess is that she used this as her excuse to broke up with you (or she's just plain dumb) Anyway, better off with her. Also tell her to grow a spine and break up face to face next time.

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MyFirstKiss 0

22-ur profile pic is awesome!!!!

MyFirstKiss 0

28-the saying is grow some balls,not a spine.

better than mine?

ClubsBreakHearts 2

Even if a girl does like shiny things it doesn't make her shallow.

Snow223 0

58- it can be grow a spine, or backbone. if u don't have one of those u don't have balls either. sucks about the girl tho man.

I'm a girl... you're right, but you should have said that most people are shallow, b/c most people in general are, unfortunately.

at 58, actually grow a spine is the same. he's saying She's spineless for breaking up over a text. grow balls is a crude version of the saying

aadk 0

67 - yes it doesn't make them shallow, but it does make them swallow ;)

you don't need her. blood doesn't make a parent love does

Lol one thing about guys is they hate being proved worng. -100 for him +200 for you

what a bitch, she clearly was't worth being with anyways. cheer up u will find someone better in no time.

stupid girl ! really stupid

I agree with 3. OP she sounds like a moron, you'll find someone better suited for you! sorry to hear bout your parents though.

sweetcheeksjvl 0

You should've replied "Well I don't wanna be with someone who doesn't have any morals,you self-delusional,selfish,cicksucking slut.:)

dumb cunnnny


HisBabyGirl4ever 0

cick?!?! hehehe .:)

FFML_314 11

That's when you tell her that you don't want to be with someone who's been banged more times than a screen door.

lol oh gosh I've never heard that one xD

I literally laughed out loud on that one.

haha agreed

don't you mean the first pipe in flappy bird

Emma Marshall 19

..... unless she's only been with a few people. Or just him. Then it makes zero sense.

what a shallow bitch..that's just really low :/

ky0u 0

agreed. What a f*cked up thing to do. Sounds like she was like school in the summer. No class. Bad luck OP, but you deserve better.

mimii92_fml 0

yea that's pretty f*cked up. it's not OP'S fault he's adopted. that bitch needs to get slaped or her parents should be killed. then they both won't have real parents

that bitch should be arrested for being an *ss hole

Being a bit extreme there 162? What op's girlfriend did was wrong but no matter how shallow or awful the person is they shouldn't have to go through that

I jaw-dropped when I saw this in the Moderation section and I still jaw-drop at it now. Just how horrible can someone be?

I know right? I almost want to call fake. It seems too horrible to be true.

I agree; I'd like to believe this is fake too. Sadly, though, I bet I know a few people (guys and girls both) who would respond this way. Some people assume being adopted makes you too damaged to make a relationship worth the work. Ridiculous but true. = 

divali 5

Does that mean she'll divorce her husband when his parents die? :-o

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good point

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She didn't say anything about not having fake parents, she just said she had to be with someone who had real parents.

he did and they died too.

And when her own parents die?

What about when HER parents die??

Damn shame!

I can't believe this! Who in their right mind would say such a disgusting thing? You can be glad you're not with her anymore!

I second that!

yeah well I triple it!!!