By losingit - United States
Today, I learned I was adopted and that my parents had died in a car accident when I was really young. My girlfriend was sitting next to me when I got the news, and several hours later broke up with me in a text stating, "I don't want to be with someone who doesn't have real parents." FML
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  fits138  |  0

Well we can talk about kicking a guy in the nuts all day on this site but I can't say WTF I said?
Guess I should've worded my own reply differently. Someone might take it the wrong way.

  seanders  |  10

I hope you sent her on her way with a broken nose and a black eye. Wait I mean women are precious and no matter what we should take thier shit and abuse without laying a finger on them.

  breegee  |  0

#104 i know right? moderators don't "flavor" women. i think they should. just imagine how much better women would be that way. mhhhhhhmmmmm... (-:,`

  iHaveADream_  |  0

haha , this FML reminded me of Harry Potter , and how he's forced to live with those filthy muggles, and their bitches .
just like this girl who made a bitch move by dumping the adopted boy ,
he's still an adopted boy just like an other unadopted boy .
she just wasn't worth it

  FFML_314  |  11

No, I watched your comment come up and it's always said "guys are shallow"
If one of the mods were going to correct that, I think they would have been a bit more clever. Accept your mistake.

  Horde  |  8

My guess is that she used this as her excuse to broke up with you (or she's just plain dumb)
Anyway, better off with her.
Also tell her to grow a spine and break up face to face next time.

  ky0u  |  0

agreed. What a f*cked up thing to do. Sounds like she was like school in the summer. No class. Bad luck OP, but you deserve better.

  mimii92_fml  |  0

yea that's pretty f*cked up. it's not OP'S fault he's adopted. that bitch needs to get slaped or her parents should be killed. then they both won't have real parents

  oicu812xD  |  16

Being a bit extreme there 162? What op's girlfriend did was wrong but no matter how shallow or awful the person is they shouldn't have to go through that


I agree; I'd like to believe this is fake too. Sadly, though, I bet I know a few people (guys and girls both) who would respond this way. Some people assume being adopted makes you too damaged to make a relationship worth the work. Ridiculous but true. =